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Issue 67 Winter 2021

Welcome to the Winter 2021 issue of the St Ann’s College newsletter

The past quarter has certainly not been a dull one, with the unsettling Covid-19 outbreak which affected all in the St Ann’s community. As usual, our students demonstrated tenacity and kept cool heads throughout the uncertainty, and after lockdown ended, all our students were able to return for Semester 2, albeit with some having to undertake isolation having crossed borders. 

Unfortunately, the students weren’t permitted to hold the traditional Re-Welcome week activities, but sport did resume in Semester 2 and we all hope for minimal disruptions for the rest of the year. Many of our students have been very proactive in getting vaccinated, to protect themselves and the community, so we hope this will set us on the path to greater normality at this pivotal stage in their lives.

A number of mentoring dinners have taken place, opening students’ eyes to different career paths. The 2021 prizes have been awarded, we held a very successful Open Day and many of our students have secured jobs and reached important milestones – we are  all so proud of them. 

On a personal note, I’m delighted to have recently celebrated two years as Principal and CEO of St Ann’s. It’s been a genuine privilege to be part of such a special community of students, families, benefactors, ex-collegians, staff and many others who make every day so rewarding. It’s been an atypical two years, with the pandemic throwing us curve balls at every opportunity. I shared my thoughts on what we as a team have achieved in this time, and my reflections on the experience. You can read it here.

Denise von Wald
Principal and CEO

Mentoring dinners this term 

In May and June we held two mentoring dinners for the students at College. The first dinner focused on allied health careers, and we were fortunate enough to welcome Nora De Bono as our guest speaker for the night. Nora is a St Ann’s Collegian who graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2010.

She has an interest in temporomandibular joint dysfunction and has worked and travelled with rugby teams competing at a national level and with Premier League netball teams! She shared her experience in losing and finding work during the Covid-19 pandemic last year, and how with each new opportunity she took, more and more doors were opened for her.

At our second mentoring dinner, ‘Environment Means Business’, we welcomed ex-collegians Nina Wootton and Ben Haslett.

Nina is currently in the final stages of her PhD at the University of Adelaide. Initially studying a Bachelor of Science, then using her Honours and PhD to focus on marine biology, Nina shared her experience with research, encouraging all students to consider undertaking an Honours year. Ben Haslett is a Nuffield Scholar and shared his passion for bringing science and technology to the Riverland farming communities. Like Nina, Ben encouraged students to consider further education as a means to enrich not only their career, but also their own farms and farming communities.

We would like to thank Nora, Nina and Ben for taking the time to come to College and share their experiences with our College residents. No doubt the students left the dinners feeling inspired!

Wendy Matson
Collegians’ Secretary  

Open Day 

We were fortunate that the sun shone during the weekend that we were open for tours, which coincided with the University of Adelaide Open Day. Unfortunately, external stalls were not allowed on site at the uni, but we were still able to welcome dozens of students and their families to come and take a look around St Ann’s.

The Open Day Committee organised a roster of students to host tours, Rohit the Chef baked muffins and cookies and complimentary coffees were served to visitors.

We hope to see some of their faces again next year!

Vale Rosemary Hill-Ling OAM 

Rosemary (Porter 52-4) Hill-Ling OAM, one of the most loyal and beloved supporters of St Ann’s College, passed away on Saturday 26 June 2021. In her words: 

I was brought up in the country, on a farm. It was a loving environment where education was highly valued and important. We had a quiet and somewhat isolated existence. 

I attended the local Primary School and High School to Leaving level. I then came to Adelaide (aged 16) and did Leaving Honours at Adelaide Girls H.S. The class of about 50 was made up of country girls and city girls who had attended private schools. At that time few of the girls’ schools offered Leaving Honours. I found the transition to city life difficult. (I hated it.) 

AGHS promoted St Ann’s as possible accommodation and I was fortunate to receive a ½ scholarship for 2 years. I was the first girl to come to St Ann’s who had not attended private school! I was the first girl who completed secondary education at Jamestown High School and subsequently graduate. 

St Ann’s was good for me and I enjoyed my time there.

Rosemary (Porter 52-4) Hill-Ling OAM
Mentoring the St Ann’s way: Bob Hill-Ling AO, Ben Gloster (13-15), Emily Yancic (12-13) and Rosemary (Porter 52-4) Hill-Ling OAM at the 2013 Foundation AGM  

When she endowed a scholarship we wanted the recipient to replicate, as nearly as possible, Mrs Hill-Ling herself, someone who was the first in their family to come to university from rural/regional South Australia and who had attended a government school. When I nominated her for the Order of Australia Medal I wrote:  

She had come to the College in 1952 as a student and her CV shows that she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Adelaide and a graduate diploma in education.  She was an experimental officer in mathematical services at Weapons Research Establishment, a tutor in pure maths at the University of Adelaide 1966-1980, and a secondary teacher of maths at Scotch College. 

She served as a member of the Council of St Ann’s College for 30 years, first as Collegians’ Association representative, and then as Elected Member in her own right.  She was Deputy Chairman of Council 1983-1993 and again 2003-2008. She embodies the classic virtue of self-effacing service to the community.  She is the first to volunteer to help the sick and aged. She exemplifies the devotion to service of her generation and richly deserves acknowledgement. She achieved tertiary qualifications at a time when this represented a huge obstacle for rural women.  

She was determined to help young people from rural and regional South Australia and from then on has continued to do so effectively all her life. All her community service has been in a voluntary capacity. She embodies the finest qualities of an Australian volunteer. She has helped countless students. 

The last time I visited her face to face my car was full of star droppers for some work on Kangaroo Island.  She told me she loved star droppers and showed me the way she used them in the watering system of her beautiful garden.  You can take the girl out of the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the girl! Rosemary was our lodestone and now, our guardian angel. She was wise, sensitive, authentic and as honest as the day is long. She said, if you can’t make a friend, don’t make an enemy. She thought of where we had to go and widened our circle of loyal supporters to help us get there. We loved her, and we will miss her very much. 

Dr Rosemary Brooks OAM 
Principal 1985-2019 

St Ann’s College 2021 Prize Winners  

In addition to our bursaries and scholarships, mid-way through the year a number of prizes are awarded to students who have distinguished themselves and who contribute greatly to the life of the community.


This year’s prize winners are: 

THE NELLIE WILCOX PRIZE for a senior student who contributes outstandingly to College activities, the best all-rounder: Ellie Fixter (Engineering – Mechanical – University of Adelaide)

THE LADY WHITE BURSARY for a student who is independent and has done well: David Simon (Dental Surgery – University of Adelaide)

COLLEGIANS PRIZE for a student who brings honour to the College through achievements in the wider community: Abbas Qambari (Aviation Management – University of South Australia)

AUSTRALIAN FEDERATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN PRIZE for a University woman who has done well: Annie-Rose Marafioti (Health and Medical Sciences – University of Adelaide)

THE ELIZABETH MORRIS PRIZE named in memory of the first Matron of the College, commemorates the contribution of the first two Principals, Dr Harding and Miss Bush. It is awarded on the basis of their first year to a student who has done well and actively participated in College life: Jenna Glamuzina (Exercise and Sport Science/Psychology – University of South Australia)

THE JILL ROSENBLATT PRIZE for a medical or paramedical student: Methmi Fernando (Medicine / Surgery, University of Adelaide)

THE J.R. THOMSON AWARD for steadily upholding the ideals of the College. The award winner contributes consistently to the happy academic and social atmosphere at St Ann’s: Jessica Aucote (Architectural Studies – University of South Australia) and Maxwell Parr (Architectural Studies – University of South Australia)

THE FOUNDATION PRIZE for a senior student who has contributed significantly and consistently to College life while maintaining a high standard of achievement in his or her own work: Lucy Lockwood (Dental Surgery – University of Adelaide)

THE SAMPSON PRIZE was given by Mrs C. Sampson in memory of her son. She was the first Vice President of the College Club, a President of the Collegians, a student of law and a member of the University of Adelaide debating team: Anthony Ward (Philosophy, Politics and Economics – University of Adelaide)

THE MORELLA CALDER LAW PRIZE commemorates Morella Calder who was a pioneer in the field of Australian maritime law before her untimely death at the age of 46. Morella was a student in the College between 1966 and 1972 and was a tutor in 1971 and Senior Tutor in 1972. She wrote poetry and fiction as well as practising law. Alexandra Ward (Law – University of Adelaide)

THE DARYL FEATHER PRIZE commemorates the service to the College of its fourth Principal, whose academic interests included history, politics, law and social issues especially as these applied to women. She was committed to supporting both the students of the College and the wider South Australian community, including organisations that sustain the disadvantaged. This prize for a senior student reflects her dedication. This year the Committee has elected to award two students this prestigious prize. And the Prize Winners are: Jessie LaForgia (Pharmacy – University of South Australia) and Senior Tutor Bella-Louise Hunyadi (Psychological Science (Counselling and Interpersonal Skills) – University of South Australia)

Student news 

Abbas Qambari, who is in his second year of an Aviation Management degree at the University of South Australia has recently landed a job as an Aviation Security Officer with Certis Security Australia. He has undertaken some training and will be working on a part time casual basis, undertaking X-ray monitoring, physical bag searches and walkthrough metal detector monitoring at Adelaide airport.

Abbas also recently went to speak to students at his former high school, Renmark High, about the opportunities here at St Ann’s College. We are so grateful to students like Abbas who can spread the word of St Ann’s to their peers authentically and with passion.

Patrick Cooper, one of our Residential Tutors, has just completed his first solo flight out at Parafield Airport in a DA40. Patrick, in his second year studying a Bachelor of Aviation (Pilot) at the University of South Australia commented, “An incredible experience!!”

Senior Tutor Bella-Louise Hunyadi was recently chosen as the recipient of a Wyndham Richardson Accommodation Scholarship. These scholarships provide financial contribution towards accommodation for students from rural or remote areas across Australia. They are awarded according to academic merit and need. Bella is currently in her second year studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Counselling and Interpersonal Skills).


Alexander Leuenburger, who has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) from the University of Adelaide has secured a coveted job as a Graduate Engineer at Shamrock civil, a Brisbane based civil engineering company with sites in South Australia. He is now working out at the Osborne Naval shipyard on infrastructure to support the Attack class submarines. Congratulations, Alex!

In other successful job news, Alexandra Ward, who is in her sixth year at St Ann’s, and has already achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Adelaide, has secured part time work at a law firm in Adelaide. She is working as a law clerk while completing her second degree, supporting the dispute resolution and employment teams with legal research and document drafting, as well as any other legal tasks as required. 

A group of students recently took part in the Australian Red Cross blood drive. In total 3.5 litres of blood was donated, which equates to saving around 30 lives.

Several students also took part in the ‘Walk a Mile in my Boots’ challenge for the Hutt Street Centre, which took place during National Homelessness Week to show support and raise funds for those experiencing homelessness.

Douglas Irving High Table Cup Competition

Basketball success!

The St Ann’s Basketball teams played extremely well on the 12th and 19th of August in the Douglas Irving High Table Cup basketball with both teams winning three of their four games in the minor round.

The girls played off in the 3v4 final and were unfortunate to go down in the end by one point to Flinders finishing 4th overall.

The boys absolutely dominated their 1v2 final, with the final score 33-14 St Ann’s way and winning the boys competition for the third year in a row. Congratulations to the boys team for taking it home for St Ann’s and for all those who played and helped with the organisation – it’s always a hugely popular event that all the College enjoys.

Dr Brooks recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours 

Congratulations to former Principal of St Ann’s, Dr Rosemary Brooks OAM who was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for service to tertiary education in the Queen’s Birthday 2021 Honours list.

A new scholarship appeal was launched in Dr Brooks’ name in recognition of her contribution to the lives of so many. The scholarship will support future students to live and study at St Ann’s. We are very grateful to all those who donated in her name.

We are sure you will join us in congratulating Dr Brooks on this well-deserved honour.

Collegian news  

Congratulations to former St Ann’s studentNicholas Berry who was recently chosen as one of the winners inInDaily’s 40 under 40 awards, recognising South Australia’s young business leaders and entrepreneurs. Nick was a student at St Ann’s back in 2006 and 2007 and is Research and Development Director at Seed Terminator which develops non-chemical weed control technology to support farmers and the environment. You can read more about it here.

Collegian Jas French, who graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Adelaide in 2019 has recently released her debut single, ‘Jealous’. Congratulations to her for putting in such hard work. You can have a listen to it via several music platforms listed here.   

Textile artist Sera Waters (97) is currently exhibiting her work at the David Roche Foundation House Museum on Melbourne Street. The exhibition ‘Embroidery: Oppression to Expression’ features exquisite embroideries from across four centuries, embracing contemporary textile practice in Australia and traditional European styles. Further details are here.

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