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This Month’s Newsletter – Issue 73 Summer 2023

187 Brougham Place, North Adelaide

This month's Newsletter
Principal's Update

As you may be aware, two of our strategic partners and affiliated universities, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia have signed an historic agreement to seriously consider the merger of their two institutions. While this is the third time amalgamation has been on the table the key differences this time are they have agreed to a short consideration timeframe, the name of the new University and the process by which the new Vice Chancellor will be appointed.

The College has finished the year in one of the strongest positions in its 75-year history with a record number of students returning (119) and having ostensibly filled the remainder of the 80 places in late August or early September. We finished the year with a significant number of students on our waiting list so I would urge students and their parents who are considering St Ann’s in 2024 to apply early. We are delighted to have a 60/40 ratio of women to men with students from all our key source markets gaining a place. Additionally, we have 15 students studying Medicine, 44 studying Health and Medical Science with another 32 studying Science and 26 Engineering Students. The remainder of the students are enrolled in a variety of courses. We also note that a number of our students for 2023 have held leadership positions in their High Schools.

We have surveyed students and to date have received a slightly larger response than last year. STUDENT SATISFACTION RATE NPS

With most of our students out of the College enjoying a summer break, we’ve taken the opportunity to carry out significant renovation.

We arguably now have one of the best commercial kitchens in Chartwell’s network with phase two of the renovation completed in a nail-biting finish, just days before students moved in for the start of the new university year. Not only is our Kitchen, Servery and Dining Room the heart of the College with our talented and award-winning Chefs and their team, it is also responsible for providing more than 200 healthy and delicious meals three times a day, seven days a week. See the story about the Kitchen renovation for more detail and some before and after photos.

Just in time for the peak of the summer heat, we are replacing all of the air-conditioning in Dame Roma Mitchell (DRM) with 35 rooms set to soon have individually controlled units.

We have also transformed the Design Room and it is now another very good study space with specialist desks for our Architecture and Design students.

The Council with the Executive and Finance Committee has embarked on a strategic planning process appointing Kate Thiele, founder and principal of Klarity. Kate is an accomplished and awarded business leader and is supporting the College in the creation of the strategic plan.

Denise von Wald
Principal and CEO

Welcome to new staff member Chris Wills

Prior to Christmas, we welcomed new staff member Chris Wills to the St Ann’s College team. Chris takes on the role of Executive Assistant for Principal Denise von Wald.

Chris joins us with over over 20 years in senior Executive Assistant roles working for two iconic, SA family-owned businesses, as well as experience in HR. Away from work, Chris enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Whilst Chris is joining us, we also say a temporary farewell to Leia Reis who is taking time off to have her second child. We welcome Chris to the team and wish Leia all the best during this special time!

In other staff news, we had the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of our Dean – Wendy Flemming, back in January. In photos to the right, Wendy is pictured in front of her birthday cake. We also captured a photo of the St Ann’s College Staff members on the same day (prior to Leia’s departure).

Moving in day

The majority of students have been returning to the College after their Summer break throughout February. Returning students officially moved back into the College on Saturday 18 February, with first year students moving in on Sunday 19 February.

Warm welcome to our returning and new students for 2023!

Summer Renovations

The College was a hive of activity over the Summer-break with renovations taking place to improve the amenities of the College.

The main kitchen underwent significant changes with new state-of-the-art kitchen facilities installed. Before and after photos below!

The Design Room was also completed with new flooring, fresh paint, new worktables and a lovely mural to brighten up the space! The perfect space to get the creative juices flowing.

Visitors over the Summer

With the rooms vacated by students throughout the Summer, we were able to open the college to external booking guests. It was one family in particular who enjoyed visiting after many years away! Dr Doris Chuah – a Doctor from Malaysia attended St Ann’s from 1963 – 1964 and her daughter Cheryl, a dentist from Brisbane, attended from 1993 – 1996.

Both Cheryl and Doris were thrilled to be able to visit their old rooms during their visit to the College. Always wonderful to welcome back familiar faces.

Incoming College Committee

The incoming College Committee was elected last year, we look forward to the committee stepping into their new roles shortly. Congratulations to all elected, as listed here.

President Tate Manning

Vice President Harry Mead

Secretary Jordyn Nicolson

Treasurer Lachlan Kelly

Sport Sec Eve Clark and Rafferty McMurray

SAAUCC Rep Angel Simmons

Merch Rep Keelie Sjostrom

Tech Rep Jack Tiller

Social Sec Olivia Clerk

Gen Reps Flynn Hayes and Piper George

The First Year Rep will be elected early in the semester.

National Association of Australian University Colleges Conference

Four students attended the National Association of Australian University Colleges Conference held in Brisbane recently and reported incredibly positive about their experience and assessment of the culture of St Ann’s compared to other colleges. Specifically, they made comment about hazing, drug and alcohol use which in their view appears to be more prevalent in other residential colleges interstate.

On the 27th of November, Angel Simmons, Hayden Schultz, Lockie Kelly and I packed our bags and headed to the airport to attend the weeklong NAAUC (National Association of Australian University Colleges) National Conference in Brisbane. The week consisted of the four of us meeting many student leaders from various Residential Colleges across Australia whilst learning valuable skills during daily Conferences and Academics. Inspirational speakers including the ‘Red Frogs Australia’ creator Andy Gourley, ‘Safe and Sexy’ founder Katherine Plume, and award-winning journalist and author Shannon Molloy, who spoke each morning to inspire our role as student leaders at our respective Colleges. These sessions were followed by group academics that delved more specifically into topics such as fostering excellence, our purpose in leadership, responsibilities as office bearers, strategic planning, and effective changeover. These group academics allowed all delegates to have open discussions about the experience at their own Colleges and learn different points that could help to improve our Colleges. The week was full of team bonding activities taking us all over the City of Brisbane and taught us many new skills that we are excited to bring back to the members at St. Ann’s College.

Appointment of College roles

Last month we made the appointment of several student roles in the College. As always, it was a pleasure to see the enthusiasm among the students to take on these leadership roles.

In 2023, we are incorporating a new student leadership role – Senior Academic Tutor (SAT), into our academic program, the Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS).

The SAT has been appointed by the Director of Learning – Dr Tamara Agnew and Principal/CEO Denise von Wald and is based on academic merit and an enthusiasm for life-long learning. The SAT will work closely with Dr Agnew to coordinate the transition from School to University for our first-year students whilst providing opportunities to reinforce learning for all students.

Piers Lewis has been appointed as the inaugural SAT. Heading into his Honours Year at Adelaide University, Piers is studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical and Aerospace) with a Bachelor of Science. In 2023, he will be undertaking research at the Andy Thomas Space Centre with a team who are developing materials and processes to facilitate development of lunar shelters.

2023 will be Piers’ second year at St Ann’s, however he is no stranger to study and tutoring. He has been providing academic support to high school and University students for a number of years and was an academic tutor here over the past year. We congratulate Piers on this appointment!

Residential Advisors

In other appointments, Joshua Graham and Jessica Nowland have been appointed as Senior Residential Advisors (previously known as Senior Residential Tutors). Joshua, from Port Augusta, is studying Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Adelaide and Jessica, from Alice Springs, is studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of South Australia.

We thank Joshua for so ably stepping into the Senior Tutor (Residential Advisor) role in August when Shae-Lea Fisher’s work commitments as a trainee Accountant meant she was forced to choose between her obligations. We are grateful to Shae-Lea for the four years she spent with the College serving on several committees including Spirit, Gym and IT. She also played and acted as coached in a number of sports for the College including Football, Netball, Hockey, Soccer and Athletics.

To support the Senior Residential Advisors, ten other Residential Advisors have also been appointed:

Blessing Mupamhadzi, from Northern Territory, is studying a Bachelor of Human Movement, at the University of South Australia.

Corey Finlayson, from Port Augusta, is studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of South Australia.

Dana Hurrell, from Port Lincoln, is studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Adelaide.

Dillon Duncan, from Portland in Victoria, is studying a Bachelor of Engineering, at the University of Adelaide.

Euan Fetherstonhaugh, from Bungama, is studying a Bachelor of Engineering, at the University of Adelaide.

Grace Nuske, from Paringa, is studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of South Australia.

Kobe Gerlach, from Loxton, is studying a Bachelor of Design at the University of South Australia.

Mikayla Russell, from Malak, is studying a Bachelor of Law Double Degree with Bachelor of Psychology.

Sophie Tonkin, from Whyalla, is studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries at the University of Flinders.

Tjina Stoll, from Darwin, is studying a Bachelor of Arts and Science at the University of Adelaide.

We congratulate all of our students on their appointments.

2022 St Ann’s College Awards Night Winners

Recently we announced our prize winners for 2022. A number of students were recognised for their excellence in sports and other pursuits, with the list of Award winners below.

Female Best Participant – Lucy Dare
Male Best Participant – Harry Langlands
Female Best Player – Emily Edwards
Male Best Player – Josh Niaros

Female Best Participant – Imogen Smith
Male Best Participant – Jarrod Stolz
Male Best Player – Jasper Harding
Female best Player – Dana Hurrell

Female Best Participant – Jenna Glamuzina
Male Best Participant – Blessing Mapamhadzi
Female Best Player – Ebony Butler
Male Best Player – Leo Coates
Female Best Participant – Phoebe Hunter
Female Best Player – Kahli Lock
Male Best Participant – Bill Lange
Male Best Player – Leo Coates
Best Participant – Sam Morrison
Best player – Alex Ward
Female Participant – Tarryn Putland
Male Participant – Josh Mason
Female Player – Amy Osborn
Male Player – Jasper Whitehead
Female Best Participant – Jenna Cuffe
Female Best Player – Cate Dunemann
Male Best Participant – Tate Manning
Male Best Player – Henry Slade
Best Player – Lexie Gibb
Best Participant – Valerie Yung
Female Best Participant – Lillian Keain
Female Best Player – Piper George
Male Best Participant – Piers Lewis
Male Best Player – Wallace Tamangani
Female Best Participant – Eve Pansini-ClarkFemale Best Player – Angel Simmons
Male Best Participant – Leo Coates
Male Best Player – Max McKeough
Best Player – Kyle Camaleri
Best Participant – Chloe Miller
Female Best Participant – Phoebe Hunter
Female Best Player – Mikayla Russell
Male Best Participant – Henok Tangey
Male Best Player – Medhi Ahsan
Table Tennis
Female Best Participant – Rachel Sanders
Female Best Player – Emily Edwards
Male Best Participant – Henry Slade
Male Best Player – Medhi Ahsan
Female Best Participant – Phoebe Hunter
Female Best Player – Ruby Chen
Male Best Participant – Cameron Tansell
Male Best Player – Tate Manning
Female Best Participant – Phoebe Hunter
Female Best Player – Mikayla Russell
Male Best Participant – Henok Tangey
Male Best Player – Medhi Ahsan

Major Awards were awarded to the following students.

Silver Pom Pom – Olivia Clerk Happy Happy Joy Joy – Henry Pole 1st Year Service – Flynn Hayes
Augean Stables – Abbas Qambari Visual arts – Lorrie Paynter & Mackenzie Johnson Performing arts – Jack Lockwood
Long service – Ben Goode Best sub-committee – Gym committee Best coach – Leo Coates
Kent Stockdale – Harry Mead Chelsea Masclet – Angel Simmons Female Sportsperson – Phoebe Hunter
Male Sportsperson – Tate Manning Female Collegian – Jess Aucote Male Collegian – Ben Havelberg
Best sporting moment – Tate Manning for the high jump record, closely followed by Cam Tansell completing 100m in 10.89 seconds

Upcoming Events - Formal Dinners

We commence our 2023 Formal Dinner program in early March. Like the 2022 program, we look forward to welcoming distinguished speakers who can share with students their inspiring stories as well as imparting life skills and knowledge to help our students become the best version of themselves.

Some of the speakers we look forward to hosting include the Lord Mayor of Adelaide – The Hon Dr Jane Lomax-Smith, Professor Peter Høj, AC – Vice Chancellor University of Adelaide, and Kimberley Conte – General Manager Women’s World Cup Adelaide & Legacy.

Breath workshops with ex-Collegian Michael Cheesman

Collegians News

Where are they now? Thomas de la Perrelle, Collegian

Thomas, born and raised in Port Lincoln, attended St Ann’s College from 2018 to 2020, whilst completing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Studies. Late in 2022, he also completed a Bachelor of Science, Double Degree majoring in Theoretical and Experimental Physics at the University of Adelaide.

His fondest memory of his time at the College was playing guitar in the Battle of the Bands competition. Still to this day, he comments that it was the biggest crowd he has played in front of, and what a wonderful opportunity it was to share his passion for music with his friends. “The energy at the event was amazing; an experience I will always fondly remember”.

Like many St Ann’s Collegians, Thomas speaks highly of his time at the College. He says for country students in particular, St Ann’s ensures the transition from country life to city life, and also studying at University, is a smooth one.

“Everyone is in the same boat at St Ann’s and right from the first year, you get access to lots of support, from both the staff and other students”. He believes St Ann’s College set himself up for success at University, however it was also the perfect opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, build networks, develop into an adult, all whilst putting himself in good stead for the future.

Tom is currently starting a new role as an Engineer with Frazer-Nash Consultancy, where he is looking forward to applying his studies on solve real-world problems, meeting new colleagues and learning more about Systems Engineering.

Where are they now? Alan Davey, Resident 1977 - 1981

Alan visited the College in early November along with Collegian, Paul Krieg, both of whom attended St Ann’s from 1977 – 1981.

Hailing from Williamstown in the Barossa Valley, Alan was studying Dentistry during his stay at St Ann’s, and was appointed as a Tutor in 1978 and again in 1979. Upon completing his studies, he began working and furthering his studies in Dentistry, working in public practice and eventually moving into private practice. He subsequently worked as a private Orthodontist in South Australia and Victoria until 2004, when he relocated to work in England. Since then, he has acquired three practices across the United Kingdom in Oxfordshire and the West Midlands and is currently in the process of semi retiring.

Alan, like Mr Fang, looks back on his time at the College with great affection. Of his most fond memories, he recounts the formal dinners, the post formal dinner parties, the good-natured rivalries fostered with residents of the other North Adelaide colleges, the residents and their warmth. He says the friendships he made combined with the wonderful sense of community has provided a significant emotional anchor for his life. He remembers being unconditionally encouraged to always do his best, and that this was enough, without any additional pressure, judgement or criticism.

Photo: Alan Davey (left) and Paul Krieg (right) stand on St Ann’s College rooftop, their favourite location in the College 

New Marketing photos for 2023

In early October we had a new suite of photos taken for St Ann’s College marketing purposes – you can view some of our favourites to the left. You will also be able to view them in updated marketing collateral from 2023. Thanks to photographer Vini and all the students who participated in the shoot!

Upcoming Events

The St Ann’s Collegians Association will hold its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 15 February 2023. We invite any and all motivated At Ann’s Old Collegians to attend. It will be held from 6pm at St Ann’s College in the Enterprise Deck.

The election of Committee and Office Bearers will be held including President, Vic-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Members, Public Officer, Auditor and representatives to the College Council, Education Committee and Foundation committee.

Would you like to be a mentor in 2023? If so, email stannscollegiansassociationinc@gmail.com with your full name, year(s) at College and areas in which you are able to mentor, we welcome any and all levels of experience!

St Ann’s in the News

The Advertiser collated 100 of SA’s most recognized University College Alumni, including 19 from St Ann’s. You can view the full list at The Advertiser, please note however content is available behind their paywall.

We’d love to hear from you!

Remember, we’re always eager to hear what St Ann’s Collegians are up to, so please get in touch with your news: marketing@stannscollege.edu.au

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