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This Month’s Newsletter – Issue 76 Spring 2023

187 Brougham Place, North Adelaide

Principal's Welcome

With the first semester having flown by, I am delighted that we have filled all vacant places again in the second semester and with a culturally diverse group of students, including one Study Abroad student from Portugal.

While we are still waiting for a handful of grades from students, a few of whom sat supplementary exams, it appears that our students have performed even better this semester compared to the same time last year, with a pass rate of 93.67% in 2023 compared to 90.93% in semester one 2022. We also have an increased number of students who have received more Distinctions and High Distinctions than any other grade, and there is an overall increase in the number from 236 in 2022 to 255 in 2023.

Once again, we have a record number of applications for 2024, with 111 received by August, compared with 66 at the end of August last year. We have slowed our interview process to ensure we have a 60 to 40 ratio of men to women and a good mix of first-year and returning students. We are also hoping to further increase our Indigenous, multi-cultural, and international student numbers.

We had a terrific turnout for our Open Day, with 23 groups touring the College, and that, coupled with the indicative high rate of returning students, makes us confident that we will be full again, with a waiting list, in 2024.

We are pleased to hear that so many of our current students are planning to return to the College next year. Many of the students who are going to leave the College have one of the following in common: they are graduating, they are fourth-year medical students or students with multiple placements, they are hoping to study abroad, and/or they have made friends at the College and will now be moving out with them. Tellingly, only one student is planning to leave his studies and take a gap year. We are delighted to have substantially increased the number of returning students year on year and to now have a significant number who will complete their degrees having been at the College for the entire time. It is a very positive reflection of the physical and cultural improvements we have made to the College.

The College awarded the Prizes late this year, giving four men and seven women recognition and cash for their contribution to the College in a lovely event held at Formal Dinner. The total prize value was $3,500. You can read more about the students in this newsletter.

We look forward to celebrating our founders, benefactors, Governors, and Fellows on 13 September.

Denise von Wald
Principal and CEO

Jason Turnbull, Chair, St Ann's College Foundation

Some of you may not be aware of the existence of the St Ann’s College Foundation and the role it plays, so as Chair I wanted to introduce myself and let you know where we fit in.

The Foundation began on Christmas Eve in 1986 thanks to the vision of the late Bob Kennedy (Bursar of the College for 25 years) who wanted to make connections with the St Ann’s community (and Bob’s vast business and social network!) and raise funds for the benefit of St Ann’s students.

Since then, the Foundation has provided more than $6 million to the College in support of important projects such as:

  • the main wall
  • the Kennedy Brooks Enterprise Deck
  • the Kennedy Brooks Halls of Residence
  • installing Wi-Fi
  • improving security

More recently, the Foundation has supported the landscaping of the Mrs Diana Tostevin AM courtyard, invested in a new kitchen and servery, and ongoing funding of various scholarships.

I was invited to become involved with the Foundation by our Bursar of the last 16 years, Robert Spiby. Along with many of the past and present students at St Ann’s, I was the first in my family to receive tertiary education and I’ve felt this connection strongly with the College since joining the Foundation a decade ago. What also resonated was the fact St Ann’s receives absolutely no financial support from external sources, so the Foundation plays a vital role in providing financial support to keep the College at the forefront of student residential accommodation in Adelaide.

The financial support the Foundation provides to the College is not possible without the generous contributions and donations made by our community. Every dollar received from our community is one the College didn’t have previously (and won’t receive from any other source) and is 100 percent used for its betterment. We thank you sincerely for the donations we have received and in anticipation of those we might receive in the future.

We have an opportunity for you to help create our new kitchen and dining facilities, with our old dining tables being replaced with new ones that will last for decades to come. For a relatively modest (and tax-deductible) sum, you can purchase a new table and seal your (or a group of friends, colleagues or St Ann’s graduation year group) place in St Ann’s future with a plaque noting your significant contribution. I’m proud to have secured my table – please don’t hesitate to contact me or the College directly via email info@stannscollege.edu.au to discuss this limited opportunity.

I look forward to keeping you up to date with the Foundation’s characters and activities in future newsletters.

Jason Turnbull
Chair of the Foundation

50th Anniversary of Co-residence at St Ann’s College

This year marks the 50th anniversary of St Ann’s College becoming co-residential — the first University College in Adelaide to do so.

The move was largely driven by financial pressures of falling numbers and to a lesser degree, a noticeable decline in participation in College activities. The College Board at the time bravely agreed to accept male residents in 1973. This decision came after much deliberation, including a survey of the 97 female residents, who overwhelming supported the move. Principal at the time, Mrs Daryl Feather, was very supportive of having men in College, although she said she was concerned they may ‘take over’.

Initially the numbers were low, with a majority being post-graduates, and a sprinkling of ‘freshers’, including Andy McPharlin. He recalls College fees being $30 per week and the food being a step up from boarding school. His room in East Wing was spartan by today’s standards – no air-conditioning, fridge, ensuite or king single bed.

Andy said while the male students didn’t take over, senior residents like Trevor Nagel (Residential Tutor), Bob Griffiths (Academic Tutor), Graham Allen (later Senior Tutor) and Christopher Pearson were influential in increasing the frequency of ad-hoc social activities, dispensing with gowns at formal dinners and making all the bathrooms unisex. Other changes included the formation of a band in 1974 by lead singer Geoff Tabe, and the introduction of access tags to the front door to allow all-hour access.

The sports coordinator Debbie Walker was hopeful the introduction of men would change the College’s fortunes in inter-college sports. While the participation rates certainly improved, sadly success remained sporadic.

Medical student Malcolm Ogborn became the first male College Club President, and since then there’s been a roughly equal mix of male and female students holding this important position.

Thank you to the several thousand male students who have since resided at St Ann’s and for the contribution you’ve made.

MP in the Making

St Ann’s College student Oscar Harding visited Parliament House in June at the invitation of Lucy Hood, our local state representative for Adelaide. The visit included a tour of the Upper and Lower houses and the Parliamentary Library, where Oscar learned that when the houses were built there were deliberate mistakes made in the ceiling architecture of each legislative chamber because ‘Only God is perfect’. Fascinating indeed!

At noon the group had morning tea, scones, a chance to socialise, and to talk all things policy with the local member. The group was a mix of new voters, new Australian citizens, and people who had recently moved into the state electoral division of Adelaide. The tour was a wonderful experience to observe the legislative process our democratic representatives engage in for the benefit of South Australia.

As seen in the photos, Oscar had the honour of sitting in the big chair and acting as the Speaker of the House of Representatives during the tour (cloak, wig and all). He got to declare extremely profound and thought-provoking statements, like ‘Order!’ when the house was not, in fact, in order.

Formal Dinners

We again welcomed several distinguished and interesting guest speakers to our Formal Dinners, providing students with the opportunity to learn and challenge their thinking.

In August, we hosted Professor Peter Høj, AC Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Adelaide. Professor Høj shared his top tips for a successful career and a fulfilling life. He urged students to study degrees that ignited their passion, to choose their friends and life partners with care, to give back when they could in the interests of protecting our democracy and to challenge initial assumptions.

Students were challenged at a recent Formal Dinner to think about people living with a disability and how they could make campuses, spaces, and events more inclusive. Speaker Emily Hopkins shared her experience of losing her sight at the age of 12 and her commitment to informing students about the best way to support someone living with a disability. The short answer is to always ask them.

Emily is studying for the Bachelor of Social Work degree program at Flinders University.

Emily has lived in both University Hall (2020-2022) and Deirdre Jordan Village (2023). She has worked with Flinders Living Administration to improve accessibility in relation to infrastructure. Emily has presented training programs for the residential tutors and coordinators and the House Committee of the Hall’s Residents’ Club sharing her knowledge about disability, accessibility, and how to host inclusive events and activities.

Playford Scholars Formal Dinner

On 4 August, the College celebrated the achievements of the Playford Memorial Trust Foundation scholars and our partnership by hosting the Chair of the Board of the Foundation, the Hon Dr Diana Laidlaw AM, and fellow members, Mark McGeogh, Bunty Parson and Nick Carne. Members of the Compass/Chartwells’ Executive team, Jane Crulci and Tamsin Michalitsianos — our long-term and highly valued caterers — also joined as they co-fund the scholarships with Playford.

Diana was elected as a Member of the Legislative Council in 1982 and, until she retired in 2003, served on the Liberal front bench for 17 years, generally as the only woman. At dinner when the Principal and CEO, Denise von Wald, highlighted this point and asked students to briefly reflect upon how tough that must have been, the students gasped!

Since the talk, many of the students have remarked on the points made by Diana, specifically that she doesn’t view politics as a job, but rather as an opportunity to serve, and they believe there needs to be more politicians like her. The students have been challenged to think about their own careers, and really appreciated the genuine interest Diana showed in them.

Voice to Parliament

Current St Ann’s College student Mikayla Russell spoke to College residents at the Formal Dinner in July about the upcoming Voice to Parliament. A First Nations student, Mikayla was born and raised in Darwin. She came to St Ann’s College in 2022 and is studying a Bachelor of Laws Double Degrees (Honours) with a Bachelor of Psychology.

Mikayla presented a wonderful speech to the student body, explaining what a referendum is and what the Voice to Parliament will mean for Australians. She spoke about the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in Australia and what has led Australia to this point.

Presenting a balanced view on both sides, she explained that “the last referendum took place in 1999, which means that no Australian under the age of 42 has experienced voting in a referendum before”.

“The upcoming referendum offers a chance to create a more inclusive and equitable future for all Australians, acknowledging the unique perspectives and needs of Indigenous communities in a journey of reconciliation. Voting yes is about recognition, listening, and achieving better outcomes,” she said.

“However, it’s crucial to weigh the potential legal risks and unknown consequences of voting yes. Some concerns include the possibility of dividing our country, and once enshrined in the constitution, the voice becomes permanent, making us bound to any unforeseen repercussions.”

She concluded by saying that when it comes to voting in the voice referendum, there is no wrong answer. She emphasised to students, “Just remember this is your decision and your vote matters”.

Celebrating St Ann’s College Prizes

We recently presented the following prestigious Prizes to students who have distinguished themselves and contribute greatly to the community that we all enjoy. The prize amounts have been generously donated to the College.

The Nellie Wilcox Prize ($600) – Recognises a senior student who contributes outstandingly to College activities and is considered to be the College’s best all-rounder.

Awarded to Tate Manning.

The Lady White Bursary ($250) – for a student who is independent and has done well academically.

Awarded to Angel Simmons.

Collegians Prize ($250) – given to a student who brings honour to the College through achievements in the wider community.

Awarded to Piper George.

The Elizabeth Morris Prize ($250) – given to a first year to a student on the basis that they have done well and actively participated in College life. 

Jointly awarded to Josie Webber and Darcy Goldfinch. 

The Jill Rosenblatt Prize ($300) for a medical or paramedical student.

Awarded to Eve Pansini-Clark.

The J.R. Thomson Award ($400) – given to a student who steadily upholds the ideals of the College.

Awarded to Olivia (Livvy) Clerk.

The Foundation Prize ($300) – given to a senior student who has contributed significantly and consistently to College life while maintaining a high standard of achievement in his or her own work. 

Awarded to Harry Mead. 

The Sampson Prize ($250) – given for serving the College and being on the debating team.

Awarded to Sam Morrison. 

The Morella Calder Law Prize ($300) – given to a student of Laws and Psychology.

Awarded to Mikayla Russell.

The Daryl Feather Prize ($600) – given to a senior student who is committed to support students at College, and the wider South Australian community.

Awarded to Chiara Castiglia.

School and University Open Days

In mid-June our Dean Wendy Fleming attended the 37th Western Victorian Careers Expo in Horsham. With over 60 exhibitors, 20 seminar program speakers, and more than 1,500 attendees including 25 secondary schools, it was a wonderful opportunity for the College to connect with potential students.

Wendy also recently attended the Wilderness, Pembroke, and St Peters Colleges combined tertiary evening. She was joined by current St Ann’s students, Dominic Carter, who finished his year 12 studies at St Peters in 2022, and Ruby Schwarz, who helped promote the College to potential students from the three colleges.

These events are a fantastic opportunity for St Ann’s to market itself and to attract new students. We are interviewing students for the 2024 intake and again have a strong number of applicants who are interested in joining our community.

College Club Update

During a packed Welcome Back Week, we had the pleasure of welcoming a delightful cohort of new students to St Ann’s. We made sure they felt right at home by introducing them to our St Ann’s family in the most memorable way possible. Our annual Quiz Night challenged their intellect, our Corridor Talent Night allowed them to showcase their unique talents, and our St Ann’s Wine Tour immersed them in the beauty of the Barossa and Adelaide Hills.

St Ann's Wine Tour

The day commenced bright and early at 9 am, as our eager participants gathered, brimming with anticipation, to embark on a memorable journey into the breathtaking Barossa Valley. Our mode of transport? A vibrant party bus that set the tone for an exciting adventure.

Our first destination was Kersbrook Hill Winery, where we were greeted with open arms and an extensive array of exquisite wine tastings. The charm of the place was irresistible, and it didn’t take long for many students to be enticed into purchasing a bottle (or two) for themselves. The owners shared their passion and knowledge, giving us a deeper insight into the art of winemaking.

Next on our itinerary was a delightful lunch stop at Kies Family Wines. The menu featured a delectable alternative drop of beef pies and chicken curry, perfectly complemented by glasses of their finest wines. The surroundings were as enchanting as the wine itself, and the owners graciously took us through the intricate process behind their wine production.

Our final stop was the charming haven known as The Gully Mr. Jones Cocktail Bar, where we enjoyed a delightful closing toast before making our way back to College. The camaraderie was palpable, and our members embraced the opportunity to dress up and capture the day’s memorable moments through countless photographs.

The Winery Tour was an undeniable success, blending the allure of fine wine with the beauty of the Barossa Valley. We cherish these moments of togetherness and discovery that add an extra layer of richness to our St Ann’s College experience.

Dominating on the Courts

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news about our College’s sports achievements this semester. Our athletes have shown incredible talent, hard work, and teamwork, making us proud to be part of the St Ann’s community.

This semester, we’ve secured the 3rd position in the overall standings, and we’re just 3 points away from being at the very top. It’s a remarkable achievement and a testament to our athletes’ dedication.

Our mixed volleyball team showcased exceptional teamwork, agility, and sportsmanship. Their second-place finish reflects their hard work and commitment to excellence.

Our women’s basketball team has been outstanding this semester. They came in second place, impressing everyone with their skills and teamwork. Our players amazed us with their athleticism and strategy. They worked hard and showed their commitment to excellence.

Our men’s basketball team had a fantastic victory this semester, continuing St Ann’s proud sports legacy. Their hard work and teamwork paid off, and they’ve made history. We couldn’t have achieved this without our amazing St Ann’s community who cheered us on.

St Ann's Ball Extravaganza

On the 2nd of September, we witnessed an unforgettable evening at the St Ann’s Ball. The event was a roaring success, with a remarkable turnout of 190 students. The night flowed seamlessly, thanks to the dedication of our Ball Committee, who put in tremendous effort to ensure everyone had a splendid time. We also extend our heartfelt appreciation to our Collegians who joined us for the night, graciously serving as waitstaff and bartenders.

The St Ann’s College spirit is alive and thriving, and it’s wonderful to see our community come together for these fantastic events and achievements. As the semester unfolds, we anticipate more excitement, growth, and unforgettable moments.

Asia-Pacific Student Accommodation Association Webinar

St Ann’s College Dean, Wendy Fleming sits on the Professional Development Committee for the Asia-Pacific Student Accommodation Association (APSAA). She was responsible for the delivery of the most recent Speaker Series; a webinar examining student leadership within tertiary residence.

The webinar was delivered by members of NAAUC (National Association of Australian University Colleges), led by Jack Agnew, immediate Past President. Jack discussed the role of student leadership and then outlined the training opportunities provided by NAAUC. He then handed over to two other NAAUC executive members who outlined case studies from their respective residential colleges.

NAAUC On the Road

We’re thrilled to update you on the latest developments that are shaping our College Club Committee’s journey to becoming effective leaders. During Welcome Back Week, our committee members had the privilege of participating in a special NAAUC (National Association of Australian University Colleges) On the Road session facilitated by Jack Agnew and Charlie Townsend.

The workshop was an invaluable opportunity for our committee members to delve into essential aspects of leadership and event management. We explored topics such as event management strategies, risk assessment techniques, and the responsibilities of being an office bearer..

This session offered a sneak peek into what’s in store at the NAAUC National Conference, scheduled for November. We are excited to announce that we are committed to sending four of our outstanding delegates to this prestigious event. It’s a chance for our young leaders to further hone their skills, gain insights from experts, and network with like-minded individuals from across the nation.

The knowledge and skills acquired during the NAAUC On the Road session will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for our committee members as they embark on this leadership journey.

The Wednesday Project Continues

We have had the privilege of hosting two excellent guests over the past few weeks. They have contributed significantly to our student’s learning and professional development through their expertise, insights, and engagement.

David Griggs is the director of The Speakers Studio, in Norwood. He ran the Confident and Persuasive Presentation workshop for students over two consecutive Saturday mornings in August. In the first week, we learned all the skills, tricks and tips to engage audiences, deliver succinct and powerful messages and how to overcome performance nerves. In the second week, we pulled it all together in a 3-minute impromptu presentation on any topic.  Everyone was nervous, but it was very clear that they had taken everything David taught them on board as they presented on anything they wanted.  David’s presentation has had a great impact on the students, and their feedback has been very positive. We are keen to host David again next year before HTC debating. It was money well spent.

Andrew Reed GM Hender Consulting, was invited to speak to students about preparing CVs, cover letters and planning for interview. Andrew had loads of stories and anecdotes for our students to help them to better understand the practicalities of looking for work. Covering topics such as putting your best self forward in a brief CV, what a cover letter should look like, understanding the benefits of strong networks, and working and playing in a very small city like Adelaide where there is usually <6º of separation.

The students who attended this workshop provided excellent feedback about the benefits of these inside tips, and we would welcome him back again soon.

Staff Changes

We had a number of staff changes in July. We said farewell to Vic Le Cornu – our Gardener, who has now gone into retirement. We also farewelled our Operations Manager Paul Jury, who is planning to do some overseas travel and also work less in the coming years. Our Marketing and Advancement Officer Victoria Lewis has also accepted a role with Arts organisation Carclew, an area which aligns with her area of expertise.

We do however welcome Phillip Agaciak to the team as our new Gardener and Grounds Person. We also have welcomed Leia back from maternity leave.

Students News

A Night Under the Stars in Support of Homelessness

In South Australia, there are more than 7,400 people experiencing homelessness, including 1,345 children under the age of 12 and 81 above the age of 75.

On 28 July, more than 85 St Ann’s College students came together to raise important funds and awareness for some of the most vulnerable people in our community by participating in the St Vincent De Paul’s Winter Sleepout.

The night began with a presentation from Umes Acharya, a representative from St Vincent De Paul, who explained how many individuals are left without a roof over their heads for a variety of reasons including domestic violence, relationship struggles, poverty, unemployment, and addiction. It was a confronting and eye-opening address, and our students were grateful for the opportunity to learn more.

Students were given some time to rug up into their warmest clothes and set up their beds for the night. Participants were each given cardboard to lay underneath their sleeping bags on our St Ann’s tennis courts.

They then took part in several activities around awareness and gratitude, and shared stories aimed at helping to build an even stronger sense of community. Lights were out by 10:30 pm, and students began their cold night’s sleep, waking up with the sunrise.

Although their sleep quality may not have been five-star, the experience was something they will not forget. Thank you to everyone who has supported our St Ann’s students and the St Vincent De Paul Society! Your support is greatly appreciated, and we could not do it without you.

It is not too late to donate if you’d like to donate. Click here!

As our students said: “Be grateful for what you have; each day is a blessing, and each opportunity is a chance to grow and to give. Be kind to others and give what you can to those less fortunate than yourselves.”

Annie’s Cultural Lessons in Denmark

Second year St Ann’s resident and Bachelor of Arts and Media Studies student Annie Firth jetted off to Europe in the semester break to travel and attend Aarhus Summer University in Denmark where she learnt about Cross-Cultural Negotiation.

Annie describes the experience as highly educational on many levels, “it was interesting talking to people from Denmark, Canada, and UK in my course about the differences and similarities between our countries. I stayed in a share house with seven people (including myself), four Australians and three Brits.

“I was surprised at how interactive the course was in Aarhus. While going overseas is daunting for many people, including myself, it is so worth it to not only experience a different culture but to grow as a person and develop your cultural intelligence.”

A Winter Break Adventure with "Beneath the Waves"

We are excited to introduce Jackson Richards, also a second year St Ann’s resident, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Advanced). Jackson’s recent achievements have caught our attention, and we couldn’t be prouder to share his incredible journey.

We are delighted to share that Jackson has been awarded the prestigious New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant. This grant comes with a substantial AUD $3,500 in funding, which will undoubtedly open up even more doors for Jackson’s global exploration.

During the Winter break, Jackson had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in a two-week study tour offered by the University of Adelaide known as “Beneath the Waves.” Alongside 15 fellow students, Jackson embarked on a transformative journey to Timor-Leste. There, they delved into the fascinating realms of marine biodiversity, conservation challenges, and the critical issues surrounding food security in our modern world.

Throughout this adventure, Jackson and his peers completed SCUBA diving qualifications, honed their skills in monitoring methods for coral reefs, seagrasses, and marine debris, and immersed themselves in the vibrant culture of a young developing nation. The experiences gained during this journey were nothing short of life-changing.

“This study tour counted as the equivalent of a semester-long course towards my degree. There are many other international study experiences available across various degrees, with most providing scholarships, grants and loans to help cover costs. I strongly recommend that all students look into and consider these options. In my experience, you won’t regret it!”

Collegians News

Kate Gunn, St Ann's College Resident 2005 - 2006

Growing up in remote South Australia on a farm near Streaky Bay, Kate Gunn – an Associate Professor, understands the mental health challenges faced by regional families. This understanding and passion has inspired Kate to focus on solving this complex issue throughout her impressive career.

Whilst a resident at St Ann’s, Kate studied a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) at The University of Adelaide. She then went on to do a Master of Clinical Psychology and PhD at Adelaide University, a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Flinders University. She now works as an Associate Professor/ Enterprise Fellow (Rural Health), leading a team who undertake rural health and mental health research at UniSA.

Kate has received several awards for her work, including the Channel 9 Young Achiever of the Year Award (2013), the Leslie (Les) J. Fleming Churchill Fellowship to investigate sustainable methods of improving the health and well-being of rural cancer survivors (2018), a Tall Poppy Science Excellence Award (2017), the Rural, Regional and Remote Winnovation Award (2017), a commendation in the national Bupa Health Foundation Emerging Health Researcher of the Year Awards (2018), the national Farmer of the Year Award for Excellence in Agricultural Research (2022) and the National LIFE Award for Innovation from Suicide Prevention Australia (2022).

She has just completed the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation Program and in June 2023, Kate was named in the prestigious InDaily 40 Under 40 Awards, recognising her role as Founder of the website, ifarmwell.

Ifarmwell is designed to help farmers cope effectively with life’s challenges and get the most out of every day. It does this by sharing practical ways of coping with difficult circumstances, thoughts and feelings and helping farmers to work out where it is most useful to put their attention and energy.

Kate hopes being acknowledged for her work, “will help to demonstrate to other young people in rural and regional Australia, that if they study hard, work hard, have good mentors and are prepared to pick themselves up when things go wrong, they too, will surprise themselves with what they can achieve”.

Of her time at College, Kate says says her fondest memories are the people, with some of her closest friends those she met during her two years at St Ann’s. While Port n choc are nights she will never forget!

“Being surrounded by like-minded, supportive people who want to learn and have a good time is a huge help for those transitioning from the country or overseas to university in Adelaide”. She recommends St Ann’s as a place to live for other students in her situation.

Brodie Ryan, St Ann's College Resident 2004 – 2006

Brodie Ryan studied a double degree of Computer Systems Engineering and Finance at The University of Adelaide. He was College Club President in his final year (2006) and since finishing, he has taken on a role with the Foundation and is currently with the College Council as a member of the Executive and Finance Committee.

When he graduated from the University of Adelaide, Brodie took a job with Raytheon Australia working in the Defence industry. He began in engineering before moving into project management, followed by strategy and business development, and his current role is Strategy Executive assisting with setting and implementing the company strategy.

Brodie says he’s been lucky enough to work on a number of large defence projects, stating his highlight would have to be participating in sea trials on the second Air Warfare Destroyer (HMAS Brisbane), meeting Prime Minister Turnbull when he opened our new facility and then travelling to and working with companies in different countries such as Spain, Austria and the US”.

Brodie believes St Ann’s offers something unique in the provision of its community and environment which allows students to get the best out of themselves.

“My fondest memories of St Ann’s College are all focussed on time spent with people around the College; long lunches in the kitchen or out on the sundeck, everyone cramming into the TV room to watch the latest TV show or to watch Australia qualify for the World Cup, quiz nights, awards night and the ball in the kitchen”.

Brodie says it’s a safe and supportive space that is really a home away from home. He can guarantee that students will make lifelong friends, with a lot of his best friends still to this day, people he met at College.

We’d love to hear from you!

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