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Wendy Fleming is appointed as Principal and CEO

One of the privileges accorded to the Principal of St Ann’s College is being able to be part of the personal transformation which young people experience in this college. Many of our young people come directly from high school in a smaller town where the College provides their first experience of living away from home. The opportunity to study at university becomes a true taste of independence.

Having held the position of Dean before being appointed as Principal, I have had time to reflect on college life. When students make the choice to come to St Ann’s College, they enhance and strengthen their experience of university as well as become a lifelong member of a strongly supportive community.

At St Ann’s we pride ourselves on being small enough to get to know each and every person at the College. We encourage each person to be truly, genuinely themselves and find their tribe with whom they share commonality. Our activities and processes are designed to cater for a wide range of needs and enable all members of the community to find someone, something and somewhere that they are truly comfortable, whilst still being challenged to perform at their very highest level academically and personally.

Having first-hand experience growing up in a regional part of Australia, I have a strong understanding of the challenges in accessing university education when you must leave home to do so. Rural, regional and remote Australians have limited choice but to leave home to further their post-secondary education.  At St Ann’s we support all students through this transition, welcoming everyone into this unique community.

I am fortunate to be following in the footsteps of Denise von Wald, who has focused on continual improvement in the physical attributes of the College as well as culture, which is our lifeblood. She has ensured that our students understand the need to be respectful and to strive to do their very best in all that they undertake. I hope to be able to take the baton and continue striving to make St Ann’s the very best place it can be to support students in their university journey.

Wendy Fleming
Principal and CEO

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