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Welcome Week – Beach Day

St Ann’s annual Beach Picnic was held at the Angus Neil Reserve near Brighton. The leadership team knocked on doors at 8am for a wake-up call, and buses rolled out of the grounds at 9am sharp.

Over 150 students enjoyed pancakes cooked up by the RAs for breakfast and a BBQ lunch. The event was laid back and students enjoyed getting to know each other on their picnic blankets and towels.

College Club Tech Representative James Haslett said “the event ran smoothly. We had games of spike ball going and everyone loved getting involved.” The event was punctuated by some good-natured razzing, when the new students were asked to perform the first-year dance on the lawns, and to carry out their “punishment” for being caught without their Welcome Week headbands: rolling down the grassed hill.

First-year student Alice Power thoroughly enjoyed the warm welcome that our returners fostered throughout the first week. She told our staff that “I love it here at St Ann’s already. My expectations were high but they have been totally exceeded! Everyone is open and amongst it. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, everyone here talks to everyone and supports each other.”

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