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Student Spotlight – Jack Higgins, SAUCC Representative

Meet Jack Higgins from Waikerie in the Riverland! Jack is undertaking Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical) studies and he is returning for his third year at St Ann’s. He has previously held roles as a Warden and an Academic Tutor.

It was announced late last year that Jack will be the College Club’s SAAUCC Representative, and he has also been named the President of SAAUCC which oversees all colleges in Adelaide. SAAUCC is the South Australian Association of University College Clubs. His tasks will include overseeing the constitution, hosting meetings and passing resolutions, along with overseeing the inter-college sports competition (Douglas Irving High Table Cup Competition).

Last year in preparation for this role, Jack was selected by Wendy Fleming to be one of four students to attend the NAAUC Leadership Conference. He attended with Lachlan Kelly, Harrison Phillips and Mia Dodd, who were selected for other College Club roles. Whilst there, the students attended several sessions on different aspects of College Clubs including constitutions, rights, structure, gender equality, inclusivity and fun. “I really enjoyed collecting insights from all over the country. Different colleges run their college clubs in their own unique ways and we gained a lot from trading perspectives,” Jack recalls.

Jack’s goals for SAAUCC this year are to build a stronger intercollege community; one that is not only a culture of competition, but one of camaraderie. “We are looking to improve and build on the existing culture, and lead by example to instill collaboration and fellowship.”

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