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Welcome Week – Amazing Race

The College Club Committee really outdid themselves with an epic recreation of the Amazing Race! This multi-stop extravaganza had students in groups of 6-8 running on foot from the uni-loop to Rundle Mall to North Adelaide and back to St Ann’s in a competition to score the most points. Competitions included:

  • A trip to the uni-loop to learn the College anthem, the fastest learners acquire points
  • “Fishing” in the Torrens
  • Learning the St Ann’s first-year dance in Rundle Mall
  • Popping into the Empire Bar billiard hall to challenge College Club VP Harry Phillips in a game of pool
  • Minute-to-win-it challenges in the parklands that included putting an Oreo on your head and eating it in one swift movement, eating a dry Weetbix in a minute, building a human pyramid and silent communication
  • Karaoke in the Common Room
  • A mysterious silent challenge in the Library
  • Visit to the Plummer College Club President room to beat Lockie Kelly to a game of Mario Kart
  • Demolish an AB pack (hot chips piled with kebab meat, top it with garlic, chilli and barbeque sauce) with chopsticks
  • A grand finish at the pub

First-year student Mia Hyland joined fellow new students who had a matching shell necklace in a group to take on her peers. She had a blast, and said her favourite stop was the dancing in Rundle Mall. “We looked crazy in our pool noodle necklaces and headbands, dancing away in public, but it was really fun!” Her team drew for second place, partially due to the fact that one hungry fellow in her group took on the AB pack solo!

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