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Welcome Week – First Formal Dinner and Front Yard Party

The first Formal Dinner of the year was held on Monday February 19th and Principal Wendy Fleming tailored the occasion to set the tone for the week – the main purpose of Welcome Week is to build community. She gave an overview of St Ann’s Traditions, our founders and benefactors of the College, and issued a challenge for the students to meet every other student in the first week.

This was also the occasion where the first-year students were gifted their “classy” shell necklaces made from pool noodles. Each student was also given a headband with their name on it to wear throughout the first week. This tradition exists to expedite getting to know each other’s names.

A Front Yard Party followed the Formal Dinner from 9pm – midnight. The gathering was held outdoors near the Plummer entrance. College Club Treasurer Tom Carlin thought the laid-back atmosphere of the Front Yard setting worked really well to facilitate good conversations.

“The Front Yard party went really well, and the feedback we received was that it was an easy way for first-years to be social and to mingle easily,” Tom shared. “Some of the new students told me that they had never had so many conversations in one night! In the future we will try to hold more gatherings outdoors to recreate this atmosphere.”

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