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Welcome Week – Move In Day

On February 18th, the College Club Committee and the Residential Advisors reported for duty at 7:30am to set up for a very busy morning of greeting first year students. As each car pulled up they were welcomed by our signage crew on Brougham place, and were directed to park. A team of young and strong delivery crew (our returning students) unloaded each vehicle and hand delivered all of the new students’ belongings directly to their room. A tent was also set up to allow new students to get their hands on St Ann’s merch straight away!

Once students had found their rooms, we invited students and their parents to our Parents Luncheon. We had over 300 people in attendance and not only was our dining room packed but the masses overflowed into the ED as well! Rohit and his team put on a beautiful spread.

According to first year student Gemma Ralph, Move In Day was “overwhelming, in the best way possible.” Another first year student Skarlette Case said that “all of the students were really lovely and extremely helpful as well.” College Club President Lockie Kelly remarked that the day went really smoothly. “There was lots of energy, good vibes and a great sense of community. I think everyone worked together well to give a good first impression of the College to the students and their families.”

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