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Appointment of Lucy Fairlie-Jones to the position of Dean

Lucy Fairlie-Jones commenced her role as Dean on January 10th. Lucy comes to us with seven years of experience at Seymour College, where she became Head of Boarding in 2020. She has loved working in a residential environment thus far and believes there are common themes and challenges that will be applicable to the Dean position. “No matter your age, you can still experience homesickness,” Lucy finds. “Students will be forming their identity in young adulthood and finding their passion. They will need someone to support them, and I am looking forward to being that person!”

Lucy has close ties to the University of South Australia where she received a First-Class Honours Degree in Health Sciences and worked in research. Her projects included Health Promotion Projects and biochemistry research on how specific compounds impact human health.  “I am really excited to work with young adults. I loved my university days. It was when I found my passion for education and learning. I hope to pass this on and encourage the students to find their individual pathways.”

While interviewing and touring St Ann’s, Lucy felt the warmth, authenticity and integrity of the College draw her in. She is looking forward to becoming part of the community here and plans to take an open and genuine approach as she gets to know students.

In her free time Lucy loves to cook, make homemade bread and improve her French speaking skills. A fun fact about her: in 2013, she became the first female in Australia to win a Pinball State Championship!

We look forward to her applying her experience and skills to the pastoral care aspect of the role as she works with the students in 2024 and beyond.

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