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Swimming and Netball


In case you are wondering, YES Boons can swim! Our Boons placed third at the High Table Cup Swim meet on Thursday March 14th at the Marion Aquatic Centre.

After a short training season, the team came out ready to jump in headfirst and attack in the water. Every race had a lane for each College, and points were awarded by finish position.

Some of our best finishes included Kylie Hurrell’s second place in the breaststroke, Josie Webber’s second place in backstroke, and the female 4 x 50m medley relay second place that was achieved by Josie, Dana Hurrell, Chloe Boud and Jorja Smith.

Coach Jarrod Stolz helped lead the team to their bronze result by conducting time trials and pulling together the relay teams. His advice for next year would be to “try out for everything! From now on we will ask each swimmer to try out and record a time in all events, so that when building relay teams, we will have more time results to select from.”

Remarking on the support, he was grateful to all the additional students who turned out to pack out the stands in their green and gold. “The crowd was great, everyone there got into it,” he said.


The HTC Netball competition took place on a very hot Sunday on March 24th. The tournament kicked off at 9am at the Netball SA Stadium. Despite the conditions, the girls’ team only had one close loss to Aquinas and placed second overall! The boys came in third.

The feedback was that the two St Ann’s teams had simultaneous matches for most of the day, so it made it hard for spectators to watch both teams, and for each team to watch the other one (which explains why we have so many more photos of the girls team!).

Generally, the teams played very well together, and commitment was strong. Many Collegians came out to support the teams and a group of students even decided to forgo their festival tickets to stay and play – dedication to the College that we love to see.

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