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A Message from the St Ann’s College Council Chair

Dear Collegians,


I would like to extend my condolences to Stuart McDonald’s family and friends.  His passing was sudden and very sad. 


Our St Anns community is something very special.  My daughter Emily calls her St Anns friends her “St Ann’s Fam” and I wanted to expand on this thought.  Those of us that have resided in St Ann’s are part of a community that has instant understanding of each other and a strong connection.  Some elements of this are quite prominent in our lives, and they have shaped the way we are in some way; some are smaller and more frivolous but can still be meaningful. 


For example, several weeks ago, when touring College with a new council member who was at St Anns when I was, I commented to her that College still smelt the same.  Not a bad smell, or a good one, but a familiar one, one that smelt like home and a place that was safe.  There is a litany of these examples, which bond all Collegians together in a web of familiarity.  We are linked, and even if their residency didn’t overlap, two people who both resided at St Ann’s will in most cases instantly find connections through that familiarity.  St Ann’s Collegians and students have an instant recognition of similar values, common ground and shared experiences. 


This brings me back to Stuart.  I didn’t know Stuart very well.  He was at College ten years after me, and we only met a couple of times.  However, I know that he was deeply passionate about his time at College, and so we shared a bond.  He was part of the “St Ann’s Fam”, and so I feel a great loss that someone who was part of that Fam is no longer part of it.  Even though we didn’t know each other well, I am positive that we would have had a number of similar experiences at College and I know that his time at College was very special to him.  He will be greatly missed by all the St Ann’s Fam.


As a group, the St Ann’s Fam has a great potential to help and support each other through times of need.  I am going to predict that most St Ann’s Collegians would do anything in their power to help a fellow Collegian, even if they don’t know them well.  As I said, we look after our own, and sometimes a conversation is all it takes to help someone in an immeasurable way. 


So to finish, I ask that as St Anns Collegians, we all look after our St Anns Fam, and take a moment to raise a glass to one of the Fam who is not with us anymore.  “Here’s to Stuart, one of us forever.”


Ashley Hams
Chair of Council
St Ann’s College Resident 1990-1994



Vale Stuart McDonald

St Ann’s College Resident 2002-2004
College Club Social Secretary 2003
College Club President 2004

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