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Autumn Book Club

The first Book Club catch up of 2024 was held on Friday, May 3rd.

Amelie Dwyer, Lili-Ann Behrendt, Alicia Kroehn and Bella Manson joined Director of Learning Dr Tamara Agnew in the Gilmore Sitting Room for a lively chat about the books they read according to the theme “Out of this World.” For 90 minutes they talked about how and why we read, the themes of their chosen books and the chat evolved into a discussion of the ethics of AI, the work ethic of Taylor Swift, super fans and the era of the Swifties.

There were some great tips for future reads. The group held an enjoyable chat with like-minded people! The next book club will be in the second semester. The upcoming theme is “Mythological Retellings” and any readers are encouraged to join!

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