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Running with Heart, Shearing for Health, Cleaning up Campus

This year the staff at St Ann’s have been incredibly impressed by the selfless spirit of this year’s cohort. Within the first few months of arrival, the students have found several ways to get behind meaningful initiatives and raise funds for charity. Read about their community-minded efforts below:


Thanks to the efforts of Charli Tiller and our St Ann’s Run Club, 22 of our students proudly raised $1696 as a college fundraising for 86K for a Cure. Throughout the month of March, the Run Club clocked 1,129km (thanks in part to Will Gleisner’s contribution of 207km)! The entire 86K for a Cure event involved 7013 runners, who ran 410,086km, and raised $2,045,956 for vital funds to support research and targeted treatments for children with cancer.

Charli said that the 86km for a Cure inspired her to run longer distances. She runs regularly with Maia Scharenberg and the Run Club catches up for a regular weekly jog each Wednesday.  There are usually at least 10 who come out for the meet ups, but sometimes the group can be as big as 20!

Up next is The May 50K. The Run Club has joined this fundraiser as well, running as many kilometres and raising as much funding as possible for research into the prevention, treatment and finding a cure for multiple sclerosis. As of the morning of May 31st, the team has collectively raised $1,182 and ran 925km.


After the visit from the Wings for Life representatives, approximately 25 students (and Dean Lucy Fairlie-Jones and her dog Noodle) participated in the event to raise money for Spinal Cord Research on the evening of May 5th. In total, there were 370 students from SAAUCC involved in the virtual app race. Together all Colleges raised $4600 – a grand contribution to the cause! It was a good vibe with a combination of walkers and runners. Two students, Ruby Chen and Will Gleisner, chipped in a casual Sunday evening half-marathon distance to support!


During the month of April St Ann’s students banded together to fundraise for Mullets for Mental Health. This was instigated as a SAAUCC initiative, and the SAAUCC president Jack Higgins did a fantastic job rallying together the Boons to exceed the fundraising target of $1000 – the total raised was $1147!

The students had a great time giving each other new haircuts on the sundeck at the start of the month. Seeing the mullets around the place was a great reminder of the support we were providing for mental health services.

We were especially delighted to see Ruby Schwarz join in and go for a cut – she individually raised $525! Thank you to all who participated including Jack, Corey, Josh, Tom, Oliver, Oscar, Will and Aiden.

Jack said “it was a good foundation year for the fundraiser. SAAUCC hopes for future years to have a greater number of participants from all colleges to raise money for this important cause.”


Our Community Service Liasons Darcy Goldfinch and Ruby Schwarz led the charge on Clean up Australia Day. Forty or so students participated in a “power hour” which saw students racing around campus with bin liner bags and the surrounds collecting any rubbish they could find. Some students ran around chasing participants with water pistols for a bit of fun and to keep everyone cooled off.

These Community Committee leaders have also hosted an Earth Hour Game Show and have been busy promoting the Red Cross Blood Drive.

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