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Dramatic Conclusion at Debating Battle

On April 30th and May 2nd our historied debating team battled on behalf of St Ann’s the SAAUCC  Debating tournament at Lincoln College.  Our team was made up of a mix of male and female participants that included Team Captains Mikayla Russell and Joshua Graham, their team Bella Maggie, James Delaney, Jasper Harding, Royce Butler, Louise Hunter, Aiden Creasey and reserves Oscar Harding and Heath Green.

Across the two days, our team was given the following topics and stances:

  • Australia should not provide support to foreign conflicts (negative stance)
  • We, as intelligent university students, would prefer to be a doctor rather than a politician (affirmative stance)
  • Australia should grant amnesty to dictators who surrender peacefully (affirmative stance)
  • Australia should ban the use of facial recognition technologies in public spaces to protect individual privacy (negative stance)

It came down to a nail-biting finish against Aquinas, with a very small margin deciding the winner. Heading into the second round of debating, both Aquinas and St Ann’s had won two debates. St Ann’s lost our third debate by 3 points and won our fourth debate by 7 points. Aquinas had won their third but lost their fourth. It just so happened that our 7-point win leveled us in a dead tie with Aquinas in terms of both wins and points!

Due to this tie, SAAUCC had to calculate the average points of each speaker from each team. As a result, Aquinas won by an average of 0.5. The final standing was Aquinas in first, St Ann’s took second place, followed by Lincoln, St Mark’s and Flinders respectively.

Team Captain Joshua Graham reflected on the highlights and was proud of the team’s growth. “There was a clear improvement that all of our speakers showed from our practice debates to performance in the real debates,” said Josh.  “Winning both of our debates on the first night was a highlight, as was winning against Lincoln by 7 points which resulted in our tie with Aquinas for first.”

Well done to the team for this stellar performance!

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