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Playford Trust Scholarships

On Monday April 22nd, 43 of the state’s best and brightest students received 2024 Playford Trust university scholarships at the University of South Australia. St Ann’s College is proud to announce that four of our students were among the recipients:


Lucia Alvarez – Capral Aluminum / Playford Trust Scholarship
Sophie Glamuzina – Chartwells / St Ann’s College / Playford Trust Residential Scholarship
Heath Green – Chartwells / St Ann’s College / Playford Trust Residential Scholarship
Hayden Schulz – St Ann’s College Foundation / Playford Trust Residential Scholarship

A Playford Trust Scholarship not only assists with study now but can help to open career doors in the future. Thank you to Chartwells, the St Ann’s College Foundation, and Capral Aluminum for supporting our students in their academic journeys!

You can read the biographies of our students as published by the Playford Trust below:

Capral Aluminium / Playford Trust Scholarship

Lucia Alvarez

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical) | Bachelor of Finance and Banking

University of Adelaide

When Lucia came from Port Pirie to begin university in Adelaide, she was just 16 years old. With the help of a Playford Trust Regional Science and Engineering Scholarship, she went to live at St Ann’s College where, not surprisingly, she was the youngest student. She threw herself into life at the College, actively participating in the debating team, playing hockey, and leading tours for prospective students.

These days Lucia is a highly regarded member of the St Ann’s community and has received several accolades. She is part of the academic tutoring team and has been awarded the prestigious Bob Hill-Ling Scholarship, as well as the College Medal. The latter is awarded to students who have achieved a higher number of Distinctions and High Distinctions than any other grade.

Now in her third year of mechanical engineering, Lucia is majoring in renewable energy, while at the same time tackling a finance degree. She undertook a summer holiday internship with Nyrstar at Port Pirie and is now looking forward to working with Capral so she can expand her professional skills and gain valuable experience working in the field.

Chartwells / St Ann’s College / Playford Trust Residential Scholarship

Sophie Glamuzina

Bachelor of Science (Space Science and Astrophysics)

University of Adelaide

This is the second time Sophie has been awarded a Playford Trust Scholarship – and that’s a rare achievement.

Originally from Port Augusta, she has been living at St. Ann’s College since beginning her tertiary studies. She was school captain at Caritas College and, at the end of Year 12, received the Australian Defence Force’s Future Innovators Award. In her first year at university, she earned several High Distinctions.

At St Ann’s she has taken up leadership roles and helped create a sense of community. She’s coached in several sports, been involved in organising events for her peers, and is this year serving on the College Club.

Sophie plans to complete her degree in 2026-27, and then either pursue higher study to further her knowledge, or seek employment in the field of space science or astrophysics.

Chartwells / St Ann’s College / Playford Trust Residential Scholarship

Heath Green

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

University of Adelaide

Heath is a recent graduate of Port Augusta Secondary School and he’s come to Adelaide to study mechanical engineering, majoring in aerospace.

In 2021, he missed a lot of school after acquiring myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome. He decided to repeat Year 11 to give himself the best chance at success – and hopefully gain entry to his chosen degree program. It was a smart decision.

He was elected as a Senior Student Leader in 2022 and 2023, and launched the inaugural House Shield competition, which included sports and E-sports competitions. He was also elected Junior Vice-President of the Melrose Tennis Club – and plays football too.

On the academic front, Heath was a State and national finalist at the University of South Australia’s STEM Innovation Experience competition and, at the end of Year 12, was awarded the Australian Defence Forces Long Tan Youth Leadership Award. Once he has graduated, Heath plans to work in the aerospace industry, and hopes to join a start-up company based in Adelaide.

St Ann’s Foundation / Playford Trust Residential Scholarship

Hayden Schultz

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)

University of Adelaide

Throughout his schooling in the Mid North, Hayden was set on becoming a pilot. This led him to take on South Australia’s only SACE Aviation subject – and that required being billeted in Adelaide for a week, once a term, for two years. 10 It was unquestionably his favourite school experience, particularly as he got to take flying lessons and was eventually allowed to fly solo, something not a lot of young people get to do.

It was only as he neared the end of his time at Clare High School that he decided to take an engineering pathway.

In 2021, he served as Head Prefect and moved to St Ann’s College to begin university the following year. He was soon elected First Year Representative at St Ann’s, which meant it was his job to bring student matters to the College Club, help organise social events, and complete all manner of tasks, including taking a photo of the entire college population.

Somewhere along the way, he found time to represent the college in football, hockey and tennis. Last year Hayden stepped back from leadership positions – for the first time since 2017 – and took time to focus and reflect on his studies and career goals.

He’s back into it this year, however, and has been appointed Senior Academic Tutor at St Ann’s. This year he’ll be collaborating with the Director of Learning to elevate the college’s academic support program.

Article credit: The Playford Memorial Trust Inc. For a full list of recipients, visit:


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