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St Ann’s Attends the Prince Alfred College and Seymour College Careers Expo

Dean Lucy Fairlie-Jones, together with students Madhav Aiyappa and Ruby Schwarz, presented on behalf of St Ann’s at the Careers Expo at Prince Alfred College on Monday April 8th. There was an incredible turnout of over 400 students and families in attendance. Most attendees were Year 10 and Year 11 students, looking to learn more about the different career pathways and opportunities that are available to them beyond school.

Many boarding students at PAC and Seymour approached the booth with curiosity to learn the differences between boarding schools and residential colleges. Generally they seemed very pleased to learn that students at St Ann’s have lots of independence and can come and go from the College as they please. They were also happy to learn that while they are treated like adults, they still have their meals cooked for them! Many didn’t realise just how close our College is to the city universities, and how much North Adelaide has to offer students too.

Ruby was selected to attend given that she was Head Boarder at Seymour during her senior school years. She connected with familiar faces and let them know that she would be happy to organise and lead a tour of St Ann’s whenever requested.

Madhav came to help and to greet familiar faces as well. He is part of the St Ann’s College/PAC Indigenous Tutoring partnership that we offer, and has a friendship with many boys from PAC.

Both students were very approachable and helpful, sharing their experiences and answering questions.

All in all, we were very happy to attend and reach so many students at once. It was helpful to start conversations, plant ideas about university accommodation, and explain the enrolment process if requested.

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