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Acing the first HTC sport outing

St Ann’s kicked off the HTC Competition run for 2024 with a perfect 4-0 showing in the Tennis competition! The score breakdown was as follows:

4 – 1  Lincoln

4 – 1  St Mark’s

3 – 2  Aquinas

3 – 2  Flinders

Coach Paige McLean and Coach Hayden Schultz picked a strong side and led by example with straight victories in their mixed doubles matches all day long. “I have been playing since I was seven, it was our family sport,” Paige said. “Hayden and I played together last year too, we make a good combo.”

Despite the hot temperatures, the team held it together by taking plenty of breaks, and smashing plenty of oranges, lollies and sports drinks. Paige remarked on the good sportsmanship this year all around, and said it was a very relaxed atmosphere between the colleges. She said it was a nice change from the previous year which was a little more competitive and intimidating.

The enthusiasm from the Boons was contagious. There were enough students at try outs to form two whole teams, which we love to see! They also came out in packs to support with team with witty homemade signs and face paint. The win was celebrated accordingly!

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