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AURHA meet up at St Ann’s

The Adelaide University Rural Health Alliance (AURHA) Executive Committee chose St Ann’s College to host their Welcome Muster event for 2024. AURHA exists to promote rural health career paths and to encourage students who study medicine, nursing, dentistry, oral health, psychology, or health sciences to explore opportunities to work in rural medical communities. The kickoff gathering hosted 122 attendees on March 13th with the majority of those present being students of medicine, dentistry, psychology and physiotherapy degrees.

One of our Collegians, Valerie Yung (St Ann’s College Resident 2022-2023), is the vice president of AURHA. She felt St Ann’s would be the perfect venue for their kick-off event. The event got the wheels turning for the year ahead and they were able to encourage over 80 members to submit applications for their Teddy Bear Hospital trip to the Eyre Peninsula in April. It also was a chance to introduce other upcoming trips and events including the Yalata Kidney Health Festival in Indigenous communities, Adelaide x Flinders University Cocktail Night with rural doctors as speakers, Murray Bridge Dental Outreach Trips and much more.

Valerie was thrilled with the overwhelming interest for the upcoming trip to the Eyre Peninsula. She also said “it was lovely seeing so many familiar faces back at College, including Principal Wendy Fleming. I really appreciate St Ann’s continued support for rural health and community outreach.”

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