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This Month’s Newsletter – Issue 79 Winter 2024

187 Brougham Place, North Adelaide

Welcome from the Principal

It has been a very busy time within the St Ann’s College community.

I was honoured to attend the Playford Trust scholarship awards to four of our current students. It was very humbling but also inspiring to hear of the impressive young people in this state as they were acknowledged. In addition, I would like to acknowledge the support of Chartwells and the St Ann’s College Foundation for making scholarships available to our current students.

The St Ann’s community has been evident as we celebrated the success of the Collegians Reunion. Whilst this could have been a sombre occasion following the recent death of Stuart, it became an opportunity to reconnect as well as relive shared experiences and take a trip down memory lane. This was then followed by Paul Crawford’s address at the Friend’s Luncheon, again an opportunity to hear more about our history and celebrate the key aspects of St Ann’s College. I hope to connect further with many of you at our Gala Dinner to be held at the College on Saturday 13 July.

We had over 40 students attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service and another 25 attend the ‘Wings For Life” event which was promoted by SAAUCC. Our students finished a very close second in debating, then competed enthusiastically at AFL, consolidating their current position in second place behind Aquinas College for the Douglas-Irving High Table Cup.

Our Formal Dinner Guest Speaker program continues to inspire, hearing from The Hon. Blair Boyer MP, who  attended a university residential college himself, in Melbourne. We were then fortunate to have Jayden Willie, a current student, speak at formal dinner to explain the significance of his indigenous guernsey design for St Ann’s.

The Academic support program continues to go from strength to strength, with increased support from student mentors in addition to the academic tutoring. Each student has been meeting with Lucy Fairlie-Jones (Dean) and Dr Tamara Agnew (Director of Learning) for Academic Monitoring, an important means of catching up individually and checking from a pastoral care and academic perspective.

Major projects have continued with three stages of the air conditioning complete and work continuing on the next stage. We have also commenced the wi-fi upgrade throughout the College, starting in administration and then moving through Plummer.

It is great to be able to feature news from Collegians – please have a look at the news of recent graduates as well as other stories.

Thank you for your continued support of St Ann’s. We are delighted to announce high application rates already for 2025, a true testament of our current students and this year’s student leaders.

Wendy Fleming
Principal and CEO

The St Ann’s College Foundation Gala Dinner

Along-standing tradition at St Ann’s College continues this year, as we gather for dinner, drinks and thought-provoking dialogue at the St Ann’s College Foundation Gala Dinner […]

2024 Friends of St Ann’s College Luncheon

On May 1st, the St Ann’s College Foundation and the College staff hosted a special Friends of St Ann’s College Luncheon.We welcomed Governors, Fellows and other […]

Formal Dinner Speaker Series

On Monday, March 25th, the students received the first Formal Dinner Speaker of the year, James Coventry. James is the National Sports Editor at the ABC in Adelaide […]

AURHA meet up at St Ann’s

The Adelaide University Rural Health Alliance (AURHA) Executive Committee chose St Ann’s College to host their Welcome Muster event for 2024. AURHA exists to […]

St Ann’s Attends the Prince Alfred College and Seymour College Careers Expo

Dean Lucy Fairlie-Jones, together with students Madhav Aiyappa and […]

Autumn and Winter Gardening News

Phil Agaciak, our knowledgeable Gardener and Groundsperson, has prepared an update on the gardens of the College. Please enjoy the photos he has taken to show off […]

Student News

Honouring Indigenous Culture

On Monday May 20th we received special visitor Uncle John Lochowiak, who performed a Welcome to Country and traditional Smoking Ceremony in the St Ann’s […]

Acing the first HTC sport outing

St Ann’s kicked off the HTC Competition run for 2024 with a perfect 4-0 showing in the Tennis competition! The score breakdown was as follows […]

Playford Trust Scholarships

On Monday April 22nd, 43 of the state’s best and brightest students received 2024 Playford Trust university scholarships at the University of South Australia. St Ann’s College is proud to announce that four of our students were among the recipients […]

Dramatic Conclusion at Debating Battle

On April 30th and May 2nd our historied debating team battled on behalf of St Ann’s the SAAUCC  Debating tournament at Lincoln College.  Our team was made up of a mix of male and female participants that included Team Captains Mikayla Russell […]

Cricket – Bonus!

It was an early start for the boons as they made their way to Leroy Oval for the annual cricket showdown against Aquinas College. The girls kicked the day off with a team full of fresh faces. Bowling first, the girls held Aquinas to 4/38 from their 10 overs […]

Running with Heart, Shearing for Health, Cleaning up Campus

This year the staff at St Ann’s have been incredibly impressed by the selfless spirit of this year’s cohort. Within the first few months of arrival, the students have found several ways to get behind meaningful […]

Alleah’s Medical Mission

Fourth-year medical student Alleah Maywald has recently returned from a week-long medical mission trip to Papua New Guinea. A team of volunteers treated 10,500 locals from the Mount Hagen area. […]

Autumn Book Club

The first Book Club catch up of 2024 was held on Friday, May 3rd. Amelie Dwyer, Lili-Ann Behrendt, Alicia Kroehn and Bella Manson joined Director of Learning Dr Tamara Agnew in the Gilmore Sitting Room for a lively chat about the books they read […]

Annie of the Arts

Fourth-year student Annie Firth has found a most interesting way to earn some pocket money. Every few months she sits for artists at the Adelaide Art Society on Margaret St (a ten-minute walk from College). Over the last two years she has now accumulated […]

Swimming and Netball

In case you are wondering, YES Boons can swim! Our Boons placed third at the High Table Cup Swim meet on Thursday March 14th at the Marion Aquatic Centre. After a short training season, the team came out ready to jump in headfirst and attack in the water […]

Collegian News

A Message from the St Ann’s College Council Chair

Dear Collegians, I would like to extend my condolences to Stuart McDonald’s family and friends.  His passing was sudden and very sad. Our St Ann’s community is something very special. My daughter Emily calls her St Ann’s friends her “St Ann’s Fam” […]

Collegians Reunion on 13 April 2024

Two decades may have flown by, but the memories of College days remain vivid and cherished. On Saturday April 13th at 3pm, the St Ann’s Collegians hosted a 20-year reunion stand-up cocktail event for students who attended from 2003, 2004 and 2005 The air buzzed with excitement […]

Piers Lewis recognised for honours project (St Ann’s College Resident 2022-2023)

Piers Lewis, St Ann’s College resident 2022 – 2023, was recently awarded the top prize in Aerospace Engineering at University of Adelaide for his honours project. The prize is called the Nova Systems Prize for Aerospace Engineering and it is awarded […]

Collegian Milestones

Congratulations to all of our recent graduates! We are so proud of your academic success! Abbas Qambari (St Ann’s College resident 2020-2023), Aviation Management, University of South Australia
Emmy Haslett (St Ann’s College Resident 2020-2022) […]

Mackenzie Johnson’s Stunning Collection (St Ann’s College Resident 2021-2022)

Recently Collegian Mackenzie Johnson was featured in The Advertiser on April 5th for her graduate fashion collection! The 21-year-old from Clare has graduated from […]

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