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SWOT VAC/End of the Year

Please submit your form to the office by 5:00pm WEDNESDAY 20 OCTOBER 2021 to enable us to make arrangements for Conference visitors and for the kitchen to cater adequately. If you wish to be considered for residence in 2022 this form MUST be submitted by the due date.

There will be an administrative charge of $25 A WEEK if the form is not received by this date to cover office and catering costs. If you are unsure of your plans, please provide the best information you know and update us accordingly by sending an email or contacting the office.

Please fill in details of your plans below, so we know how many to cater for and which rooms will be available for visitors.

Please clear your room completely when leaving at the end of the year.  Returning students may leave things in the Box Room provided they are packed up and marked with your name. You cannot access your things in the box room until you return to residence.  People hoping to stay in College during the long vacation should apply to the Principal in writing as soon as possible. Remember to return your blue cord to the office.

Students not returning to College in 2022 must take their things away with them. There will be a charge of $50 if you leave things in the Box Room and you do not return. As every room now has a fridge, if you have one in the box room it MUST BE removed from College when you leave

Please note, we will be forwarding your mail to this address. WE DO NOT FORWARD PARCELS, ONLY LETTERS.
(NOTE: If you tell us you are returning and change your mind, for refund of your Room Deposit you must notify us in writing by 1st January.)
(NOTE: it is important that you tell us of Prizes and Awards as the University no longer publishes these.)
The room deposit will not be refunded or carried forward to the next year until all outstanding Library books are returned.