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End of the Year Form

Please submit your form by 5:00pm FRIDAY 20 OCTOBER 2023.

Please clear and clean your room completely when leaving at the end of the year. Returning students may leave belongings in the Box Room provided they are packed up and clearly marked with your name. Please be aware, you cannot access your things in the Box Room until you return to the College next year.

Please also return any library books, check your pigeon-hole, return keys and gate remotes, and your blue cord.

Students who will not be returning to College in 2024 must take their things away with them. There will be a charge of $50 if you leave things in the Box Room and you do not return.

People hoping to stay in College during the long vacation should apply to the Principal in writing by emailing info@stannscollege.edu.au as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you tell us you are returning and change your mind, for refund of your Room Deposit you must notify us in writing by 1st January.
The room deposit will not be refunded or carried forward to the next year until all outstanding Library books are returned.