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How much does it cost?

As a guide, our yearly fees are around $18,300 for a minimum of 34 weeks. Our current contract is based on 34 weeks’ minimum stay, not 40 weeks as at other colleges, offering a considerable saving. Payment plan options are available on request.

We are a Not For Profit college, relying solely on fees and benefactors to fund our programmes. Our energies are wholly focused on helping students be their very best – something the whole world can profit from!

What type of room will I be allocated?

There is a robust process by which students are allocated rooms.  A committee will meet early in February and determine the best fit of students and rooms.  They consider a number of criteria such as years at College, academic grades and College contribution.  The Principal and the Office staff remain removed from this decision making process.  The committee are very diligent and have strict processes in place and really do their best to accommodate everyone in the best and most equitable way possible.  Please be aware that all St Ann’s rooms are nice and kept to a certain standard.  Each room will come with furniture, wi-fi access and air-conditioning. You might know that two-thirds of our rooms have ensuites.  The non-ensuite rooms have bathroom facilities in close proximity so no student should feel unduly concerned about the room they will be allocated.


Typically the longer you stay and the more you achieve in College the better your advancement in the room allocation process the following year.  We hope that you will stay with us for some time – the reward being that each year you progress, your seniority will stand you in good stead to get the room of your choosing.

Why is your minimum commitment 34 weeks when other colleges require a 40-week commitment?

We keep the minimum number of weeks as low as possible to keep the privilege of College residence within reach of everyone irrespective of their circumstances. We also seek to accommodate visitors during vacations to subsidise student fees. Students do not need to vacate (or empty) their rooms during mid-term breaks. The room needs to be left in good conditions in a case of visitor occupying that room in the student’s absence. There are lockable cupboards in each room and storage areas in the College if students wish to secure their items.


You are welcome to stay beyond the minimum 34 weeks and can have first call on your room if you so choose. You will be charged a daily rate.

What do I need to bring?

While bed linen, blankets and towels can be rented from the College, it is more economical to provide your own. Mugs, soap, laundry powder and pegs will also be useful. Students wash their own clothes in the College laundries.

Bring everything you need to feel comfortable. But don’t be tempted to overdo it! We find most of our students end up so busy with their new friends, they don’t need most of the ‘distractions’ they bring from home.

What sort of internet access is there? What does it cost?

St Ann’s College is pleased to provide FREE WiFi throughout the College through a state-of-the-art fibre-optic internet connection to SA Broadband Research & Education Network (SABRENet) at 250Mbps.



There is an IT committee to help with any problems that may arise.

What’s the deal with meals?

Your fees entitle you to three hot meals a day during the week and two on weekends – breakfast is continental on these days. The menu changes daily and includes a wide range of healthy, freshly prepared hot meals, freshly cooked soups, salads and vegetarian options. We also specifically cater for dietary needs.


The kitchen is open for self-service toast and hot drinks 7am-10pm daily. On weekdays a cooked breakfast is served 7.30am-9am, lunch 12.30pm-1.30pm and dinner 6pm-6.30pm. On weekends and public holidays continental breakfast is available throughout the morning, lunch is served 12noon-1pm and dinner 5.30pm-6pm.


We offer a flexible early and late meal arrangement whereby if you’re not available during the normal meal time, you can request a meal to be set aside for when you return. Sandwich ingredients are available at both breakfast and lunch for those wishing to take a sandwich with them while they’re out.


Each Monday night dinner is formal and everyone is required to attend. Important information is shared by the Principal, Tutors and College Club and occasionally guest speakers are invited along.


There are kitchens available throughout the College for the preparation of snacks. These are available at all times. Guests may partake of the meals, although there is a charge which must be pre-paid as the catering staff are not expected to handle money. Our kitchen crew are a great source of pride to the College, winning many awards.

What sort of academic support is available?

There are two primary ways in which we offer academic support:

  • Bi-annual review and mentoring from the Principal, Dean and Director of Learning.
  • Academic Tutors are selected from a variety of disciplines and courses from more senior years and they professionally tutor the younger students. Very occasionally, where there is no suitable Tutor, the College pays to bring in subject matter experts.
  • The culture of the College and communal study facilities also encourage interaction and supportive learning, both within disciplines and across them.

More information can be found here.

What sort of sporting opportunities are there?

There are a great many ways you can get involved with sport, organised primarily through the South Australian Association of University College Clubs (SAAUCC).  There are five Colleges in Adelaide which take part in a range of sports and other activities, including:


tennis, swimming, table tennis, football, hockey, netball, basketball, athletics, volleyball, cricket, soccer and debating.


There are also social interactions between the Colleges.

Are there any musical activities within the College?

We have a Battle of the Bands, which is an inter-college competition, plus musical performances at our Founders Day celebrations.


For musical students (and amateurs) there are soundproofed music rooms containing three pianos (including a baby grand) and an extensive drum kit. These can be used between 8am and 10pm.

What are my options for parking my own car?

We have some car parks on site and encourage you to apply for a space as part of your application process, including the reasons why you wish to be considered. Residential Advisors consider all applications on their merit when deciding car parking allocations.


Outside this, there are car parks on the streets around St Ann’s, but they’re often timed and there is a lot of competition for them from residents and patients at the nearby Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

What other transport options are there?

St Ann’s College is only a 10-15 minute walk from the city centre. There is a free bus route which directly passes St Ann’s and travels into the city and back frequently.

St Ann’s is the closest College to the University of Adelaide – it’s only 10-15 minutes walk away. The University of South Australia’s East and West campuses are also just a short walk away and other Uni SA campuses are only a bus ride away including to Mawson Lakes campus. Buses can be caught beside St Ann’s or in the city, as can buses to Flinders University. Although Flinders is further away, buses generally come nearby every 15 minutes so transport isn’t generally a problem.

What specialist facilities are available within the College for my studies?

We have a Design Room for architecture and creative arts, music rehearsal facilities and an onsite gymnasium. We also have a well resourced library.

Textbooks required by St Ann’s students can be ordered by the Director of Learning and are made available through the library, along with an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction for recreational purposes.

What sort of entertainment is near the College?

Being in North Adelaide – one of Adelaide’s most desirable suburbs – means St Ann’s College is on the doorstep of the best entertainment that Adelaide offers.


We’re a stone’s throw from the Festival Centre and even closer to Adelaide Oval. The Entertainment Centre and Aquatic Centre are not far. The Laneways – a cool quarter of small bars and cafes which has boomed in the last five years – is two kilometres from the College.  North Adelaide itself is also known for its lively pubs, cafes and shops along O’Connell and Melbourne Streets.


Adelaide hosts numerous festivals throughout the year including the Cabaret Festival, Fringe Festival, WOMAD and the Future Music Festival to mention just a few, each of which is based only minutes’ walk away from the College.


For those wanting a nature-based experience, the Botanic Gardens are a casual stroll away and the Adelaide Zoo is only a few hundred meters from the doorstep.

What sort of facilities are nearby?

St Ann’s College is located just 10-15 minutes from the University of Adelaide and the East and West Campuses of the University of South Australia. Public transport is equally close, with both the central points for most bus lines and the main train station within easy walking distance. A free bus passes St Ann’s throughout the day, going into and out of the city.


There are two major hospitals nearby, the Royal Adelaide Hospital on North Terrace and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital just opposite St Ann’s. The WCH accepts patients under 18 years of age, even in an emergency, and is ideally located for medical and related students on placement.

How secure is the College?

Security is very important to St Ann’s College. Being all under one roof is a unique advantage. All entry to the College building is through secure, electronically monitored doors and gates. Each student is given electronic keys to access both the campus and their own room, which can be deactivated if lost (there is a charge for replacement of these keys). There are security gates to get into the grounds and these are automatically locked between 6pm and 8am each day and all weekend; only those with security keys can access the grounds outside these times. A recently completed wall along Brougham Place adds to the sense of security of the College.


The Principal lives on site and there is always a Residential Adviser on duty outside office hours. These RAs carry a mobile phone when on duty and can be contacted at need, although we ask that you be respectful of the time you call and impositions made on them as they are students here too.


Although built in stages over a number of years, each building is connected so that you can access any room in the complex without having to go outside – a great advantage in inclement weather!


We also have a monitored fire safety system which is checked weekly.

What is the situation with drugs and alcohol?

Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited at the College and possession or use of them is grounds for expulsion. As in the wider community, alcohol is part of College life. If you choose to drink, you are expected to do so in moderation. There are nominated sober Responsible People at all College Club events.


There are regular pub crawls and organised events where alcohol is available. Thursday nights are considered ‘pub nights’ by many students and a large group often descends on a local watering hole.


The culture of the College is one of consideration for others and there are rarely any problems. There are strictly no hazing rituals and all activities are fully consensual, although most people willingly and enthusiastically participate.

What are the bedrooms like?

All bedrooms are private, single occupancy rooms. Each has a single bed, wardrobe, cupboards and shelves, and a desk with an internet connection. You’ll need to provide all bedding including a pillow. There are laundries throughout the College with coin-operated washing machines for you to do your laundry. Each room has a private phone with an answering system, and you can top up credit for outgoing calls during office hours. Incoming calls are free.


Two-thirds of rooms have an ensuite bathroom and all rooms have individually controlled air-conditioning. It is our intention to upgrade all rooms over time to the high standard of our Dame Roma Mitchell building rooms, incorporating ensuites, although many students like to share facilities because of the community sense it promotes!


Our cleaning staff empty rubbish bins daily and clean the bathrooms, dust and vacuum the bedrooms weekly. It’s the students’ responsibility to make sure their rooms are kept tidy and to report any damage or breakages. There is a maintenance man during the week who handles most day-to-day repairs.

Can guests stay at the College, and what other accommodation options are there nearby?

Students are allowed to have a guest to stay with them in their room for a small charge, although not during exam and swot vac periods. All guests must be signed in and a spare mattress will be taken to the student’s room; a refundable deposit is needed for this. Guests may stay up to three nights without advance notice, but stays of longer than that must be approved by the Principal in advance. Vouchers for meals for guests can be purchased from the office or tutor on duty if after hours.


During holiday periods, when some students have returned home and we therefore have rooms available, guests can rent a room on payment of a charge. Again, meals can also be purchased for these guests, discounted if paid as part of the room rental.


If guests want to stay nearby there is a range of options. There are several hotels and motels within the city itself, which is within walking distance; there are also several in North Adelaide. For the more budget conscious visitors, Princes Lodge and Greenways Apartments are located nearby.

Which universities are you connected with?

We are affiliated with all three undergraduate universities in Adelaide:


  • The University of Adelaide
  • Flinders University
  • The University of South Australia.


We also accept students studying at Private Universities and TAFE.

When should I apply?

To have the greatest chance of a place, we suggest that you apply as soon as you plan to attend university.


We generally fill places for any given year by the end of the previous September.

What is the application process?

The first step is to fill out and submit an application together with an application fee. When we receive it, you’ll be contacted by email or letter and asked to have an interview with the Principal. This is a short conversation to get to know each other a little. If you can get to the College for this so we can meet you in person, that’s great, but phone interviews are fine.


Once this process is complete, you will be notified regarding a place at St Ann’s College, conditional upon an offer of a course of study at a South Australian university. If you decide to accept, please respond in writing and pay the deposit for your room. Upfront fees are payable early in the academic year, and we invoice you for your fees before the beginning of each semester.


If you are not offered a place at university, the deposit is refundable. It can also be deferred for twelve months if you intend to apply for a place the following year. Please note that if you are offered a place at a South Australian university, you are expected to take up your place and are not entitled to have the deposit refunded.