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Terms of Booking

Agreement of co-operation and terms of contract between the following parties:

St Ann’s College, Inc., 187 Brougham Place, North Adelaide, South Australia, 5006 (St Ann’s).
Group Representative Mobile Number
Group Representative Email

In this Agreement

• “Group Name” is a collection of Guests who have their room reserved by a single booking.

• “Group Representative Name” is the responsible person who makes the booking for the "Group Name" (Organisation).

• “Guest” or “Guests” means the person(s) who stay in the room(s) at St Ann’s College in accordance with this agreement;


1. "Group Name" (Organisation) is notified that the staff of St Ann’s have the authority to enforce any rules that the Guests are breaching or in danger of breaching.

2. All Guests are instructed to familiarise themselves and comply with all health and safety, fire and evacuation procedures at St Ann’s.

3. "Group Name" (Organisation) is informed that the "Group Representative Name", who makes a booking at St Ann’s, is responsible for all Guests in their Group during their stay. This includes adherence to the rules and regulations of St Ann’s and damage to property howsoever caused other than any liability which St Ann’s may not lawfully exclude under this agreement.

4. "Group Name" (Organisation) will:

4.1. Not damage the property of other Guests or the property of St Ann’s.

4.2. Ensure that all and any electrical equipment which I bring into St Ann’s is safe and is fit for the purpose for which it is used.

4.3. Not modify or alter any piece of electrical equipment in a way which renders it unsafe.

4.4. Indemnify St Ann’s for any claims arising from my negligent acts or omissions which result in

4.4.1. injury to other Guests of, or visitors to, St Ann’s;

4.4.2. damage to the property of St Ann’s;

4.4.3. damage to the property of other students or visitors to St Ann’s.

4.5. Not disturb other Guests in any way;

4.6. Adhere to the legal framework within which St Ann’s College operates.

5. If staying for the Tour Down Under, secure storage of bikes may be negotiated. AT NO TIMES are cleats to be worn inside the building.

6. St Ann’s accepts no responsibility for any mis-operation or malfunction of any Guest’s electrical or computer equipment, including but not limited to any claims arising from total or partial destruction, distortion, erasure, corruption, alteration, misuse, misinterpretation, misappropriation or loss of or inability to recover or access data.

7. St Ann’s accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury suffered by Guests or damage caused to Guests’ personal property resulting from their stay at St Ann’s College, Inc., other than any liability which St Ann’s may not lawfully exclude under this arrangement.

8. The expiry or termination of this Agreement shall not release "Group Name" (Organisation) from any liability which has already accrued or which thereafter may accrue in respect of any act or omission by "Group Name" (Organisation) or by Guests booked under the name of "Group Name" (Organisation) prior to such expiry or termination.

9.  a) Cancellations made outside thirty (30) calendar days prior to arrival will incur no penalty.

b) Cancellations made less than thirty (30) calendar days prior to arrival will incur a penalty of forfeit of deposit paid.

c) Cancellations within fourteen (14) days of arrival or "no shows" will result in a penalty equal to 100% of the total accommodation fee cancelled and forfeiture of the deposit.

d) By confirming your reservation, you authorise St Ann's to securely charge your provided credit card for any applicable fees incurred during your stay.

e) This authorisation may be used to cover payment for any breakages or damage incurred during your stay or cleaning charges in excess of the normal level of cleaning.

f) Failure to provide authorisation or insufficient funds on your card, may result in reservation cancellation. If you have any concerns regarding this authorisation, please contact the office.

10. Deposit and Payment Agreement

a) A 10% deposit of the total accommodation cost is required upfront to confirm your booking. An invoice for this deposit will be sent via email.

b) Upon receipt of this authorisation, a $200 charge will be applied to your credit card, and will be deducted from the deposit amount in the invoice.

c) The balance of your accommodation charges will be invoiced fourteen (14) days prior to your arrival.

At St Ann's College, we use Stripe for secure credit card transactions, ensuring your payment details are handled safely. Rest assured, we do not retain any credit card information on our systems, providing you with added security and peace of mind. For any enquiries about our payment process, feel free to contact the office.
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