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Terms and Conditions

All students are required to read and understand the Terms and Conditions for responsible and ethical use of IT Resources at St Ann’s College.

I agree that:

1. The facilities at St Ann’s are very advantageous to residents and I recognise that there is an obligation on my part to keep costs to a minimum.

2. I am trusted to use my fair share ethically and to abuse neither the computing facilities provided by the College nor the operation of any other system to which I might connect via the College network.

3. I will not subvert or attempt to subvert the security of the College’s computing facilities nor the security of any other system to which I might connect via the College network.

4. I will not without express authority interfere with another person’s account or data.

5. I will use only my own assigned IP address[es] and never an additional number or another person’s number.

6. I will not take visitors into the enterprise deck and computer room. The College’s enterprise deck and computer room are for the use of resident students only.

7. The College’s enterprise deck and computer room are provided for educational purposes only. I will respect study in these areas by:

• Listening to music through headphones at a low volume only.

• Not playing games.

• Not viewing, displaying, or sending pornographic, abusive, illegal, or harassing materials.

8. I will not copy ANY software unless it is my own or public domain software or where the copying is approved copying consistent with the licensing agreements.

9. I will not copy ANY copyrighted material unless the copying is subject to fair use by Australian and International copyright law.

10. I am responsible for any use of my network connection.

11. I will not use wireless devices to broadcast the College’s network without encryption (128 bit WEP as a minimum). Furthermore, I will inform the College of my intention to use such devices.

12. I will protect against viruses and any other form of malicious software.

13. I will respect confidentiality of any and all passwords.

14. The College has my permission to log and monitor my use of St Ann’s computer facilities (enterprise deck, computer room, network, printer, and internet) and suspend my account in any instance of breach of this agreement.

15. The College has the authority to manage or restrict my internet bandwidth to ensure fair distribution of resources among all residents.

16. When using the College’s network I will not use any program that will cause a saturation of the bandwidth (i.e. Excessive use of peer to peer or torrent programs).

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