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St Ann’s students are predominantly undergraduates though we also have a few postgraduates.

We have a 95% overall pass rate.

95% of our students gain at least one Credit or Distinction.

Roughly speaking, 95% are studying at one of Adelaide’s three universities, and 5% are at TAFE or the equivalent.

There is a less than 1% dropout rate. The College’s Academic and Residential Advisors and the mutually supportive nature of St Ann’s students helps everyone to achieve their goals!

For a full statistical breakdown, please click here.

In 2022 St Ann’s College awarded 62 medals to students who achieved more Distinctions than any other grade.

Two of our top scholarship winners earned High Distinctions in all eight of their subjects.


All St Ann’s students participate in twice-yearly, informal meetings with the College Principal, the Dean and the Director of Learning. The aim of the meeting is to ensure that the student feels supported to reach their full academic potential, and to discuss plans for the upcoming semester.

The College offers comprehensive academic support through our dedicated team of Academic Tutors, available across all subject areas and at any time. Complementing this, we have a group of 25 Academic Mentors specifically focused on guiding new students through the transition from their prior school education to the demands of university-level learning.

Our Academic Tutors cover a wide array of over 50 subjects, and their assistance is readily accessible to anyone seeking support, all at no additional cost. This team is overseen by our Senior Academic Tutor, who works in close collaboration with the Director of Learning to manage the program and serve as a direct link between the program, the College, and the student body.

While first-year students often benefit the most from tutoring services and support, we strongly encourage all students to reach out whenever they require assistance.

Our Academic Tutors are drawn from the ranks of high-achieving College students who have excelled in tertiary-level subjects. These dedicated individuals are compensated by the College, providing an excellent opportunity for them to earn extra income while pursuing their own studies.

In addition to our structured tutorial system, the supportive environment at St Ann’s College ensures that senior students, regardless of their course or faculty, are typically more than willing to lend a helping hand to their fellow collegians with any academic inquiries they may have.


Continuing its founding principles, St Ann’s supports students who face hardship living in remote regional areas.

Today, a great many of our students continue to come from rural areas in South Australia and across the nation. St Ann’s continues with the tradition of offering financial support in the form of Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries. These are given annually – some on the basis of academic performance, others on a case of need, some a mix of both.


St Ann’s College has numerous academic facilities to maximise a student’s potential in their field of study.

The Kennedy Brooks Enterprise Deck is a new, open-plan, light-filled learning space, where students can work collaboratively and with tutors. It is equipped with multiple audio-visual and online facilities.

St Ann’s College Library is open for students to use 24 hours a day, and can also be used as a quiet study area. As well as text books, it has a wide range of reference materials and an extensive fiction section.

Our Director of Learning, Dr Tamara Agnew, will order in texts for specific courses if they are not already available, sparing students’ expense on books.

Microscopes, a stethoscope and skeletons are available for use by medical and dental students.

The sound-proofed Music Room provides the ideal space for students of music to practice. It holds a number of instruments including a baby grand piano and a drum kit.

A fully equipped Drafting Room supports the needs of students of architecture, engineering and design.

All students have access to:

Unlimited Internet - Fibre Internet 5 Mbps per device

Free Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning

55' Widescreen TVs - for seminars and group presentations

24/7 Technical Support


S t Ann’s College is located in historic North Adelaide. Ringed by parklands, North Adelaide is part of the city’s original design as laid out by Colonel William Light in 1836.

College is a 10-15 minute walk from the City Centre. We are the closest college to Adelaide University (a 15-minute walk) and University of South Australia (a 25-minute walk).

There is a free bus that travels directly from St Ann’s College into the city and back each day; students can use the inner city’s free tram services to connect to both universities.

Nearly all metropolitan bus services start and finish within the city; the Adelaide Railway Station is 20 minutes’ walk. Both offer regular services to Flinders University. From the city there are multiple buses that will take you to Flinders and it might depend where at the campus study is taking place as to which bus route to take. The most direct route is probably the 719, 721F, 722F which take about 30 minutes from the city.

There is also a Flinders loop bus to grab to get from one end of the campus to the other if you wish. Click here for more information.

Click here to access the Flinders University website, where you can find good information on these transport options;

In exciting news, our new train link is complete and is taking students from the city to Flinders. Click here for more information.