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Each student has a single study bedroom. These bedrooms are part of a ‘corridor’, which is overseen by a Residential Advisor.

All rooms have a bed, fridge, telephone, wardrobe, bookshelf, desk, desk lamp and high-speed internet access.

We are the only college in South Australia in which most rooms have heating and air conditioning.

Two-thirds of rooms have an ensuite bathroom.

Room are cleaned once a week by our cleaning staff with waste paper baskets emptied daily.

All St Ann’s rooms have their own high-speed Internet connection.

Corridor facilities include irons and ironing boards and small kitchenettes equipped with kettles and microwaves.

Students provide their own towels, pillow, bed linen and blankets or doona. (Please note St Ann’s has a no-pet policy.)

Students do not need to vacate (or empty) their rooms during mid-term breaks.


St Ann’s College provides three meals per day. The kitchen is fully staffed, with chef Rohit and his team serving three hot meals on weekdays, and two hot meals plus a continental breakfast at weekends.

The menu of healthy meals changes daily. It always includes freshly cooked soups, salads and vegetarian options. St Ann’s also specifically caters to dietary needs.

Late meals are provided for students who are unable to be present during meal times. All students are also permitted to use the milkshake maker, coffee machine and drink dispenser until 10pm each night.

Every residential corridor is also equipped with its own mini-kitchen which includes a fridge, sink, kettle and toaster. They are available 24 hours a day and anyone can store personal food supplies.

Every Monday night all students are required to attend the formal dinner by candlelight – a tradition at the College since 1947.

St Ann’s kitchen team is a great source of pride to the College, winning many awards.

Monday Formal Dinner

Each Monday, the College gathers in the main Dining Hall for the traditional candle-lit Formal Dinner.

This weekly event has been taking place since St Ann’s College was opened in 1947.

It is a semi-formal affair with the Principal, Residential Advisors and College Club seated on a raised head table, and students seated at tables below. The tables are spread with white cloth and lit by candles, lending something of a hallowed atmosphere.

As per tradition, the dinner begins with a Latin benediction read by the Principal, followed by the reading of College news and announcements.

The three-course meal is then served – seasoned with plenty of socialising, laughter and good times!


Secure car parking is available on the St Ann’s campus for approximately 40 students. There are also several places where bicycles can be kept locked.

To submit an application for a car park, please click here.

There are also 20 street parking permits available through the Adelaide City Council. To complete the application form, please click here.

There are three laundries within the College to which all students have immediate access. Each laundry has several washing machines, dryers, ironing boards and large sinks. The washing machines and dryers are coin operated. Indoor and outdoor clotheslines are also provided.

St Ann’s College prides itself on providing a safe and secure environment, with high-standard fire safety and security installations.

All St Ann’s residents – including the Principal and her husband – live under the same roof despite the fact the College is actually a series of residences. This, combined with high walls and CCTV, provide a high level of security.

Students are provided with their own lockable single occupancy room.

External gates and doors are monitored.

Office staff are on-site to assist students during weekdays.

Residential Advisors provide student assistance and support out of office hours, with 24/7 lines of emergency communication to the Principal and emergency services.

Emergency hospital services are less than five minutes from the College.


S t Ann’s College is located in historic North Adelaide. Ringed by parklands, North Adelaide is part of the city’s original design as laid out by Colonel William Light in 1836.

College is a 10-15 minute walk from the City Centre. We are the closest college to Adelaide University (a 15-minute walk) and University of South Australia (a 25-minute walk).

There is a free bus that travels directly from St Ann’s College into the city and back each day; students can use the inner city’s free tram services to connect to both universities.

Nearly all metropolitan bus services start and finish within the city; the Adelaide Railway Station is 20 minutes’ walk. Both offer regular services to Flinders University. From the city there are multiple buses that will take you to Flinders and it might depend where at the campus study is taking place as to which bus route to take. The most direct route is probably the 719, 721F, 722F which take about 30 minutes from the city.

There is also a Flinders loop bus to grab to get from one end of the campus to the other if you wish. Click here for more information.

Click here to access the Flinders University website, where you can find good information on these transport options;

In exciting news, our new train link is complete and is taking students from the city to Flinders. Click here for more information.