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At St Ann’s, we believe three things ensure the wellbeing of our students.

  1. Friendship: we provide an environment in which strangers from all walks of life can learn together, relax together and become friends for life. In our experience, having like-minded people on the same journey can make the road a lot easier!
  2. Balancing work with play: outside of study, we help St Ann’s students pursue their passions, embrace travel and rise to sporting challenges.
  3. Residential Advisors: We employ 10 on-site RAs to look after single corridors (around 18 students). Night and day, these men and women effectively ensure everyone is healthy, happy and flourishing in their studies. They also know exactly what to do if there’s a problem.


The College employs 10 Residential Advisors annually. These men and women are mostly chosen from among senior students to provide pastoral care together with academic and social leadership.

The Residential Advisors receive training in first aid, conflict resolution, equal opportunity and team building. They also receive extensive education in relation to College policies and procedures and provide after-hours administrative support.

A RA is rostered on duty outside of office hours so there is always someone at hand in the event of any problem, any time, day or night.

Each RA is in charge of a corridor consisting of approximately 18 students. Important links and friendships are formed on corridors, and events (like corridor parties!) are held so students can get to know each other.

There is a Senior Residential Advisor who coordinates the RA group.


There are two equity officers in residence at the College, one male and one female, available to discuss any problems that may arise.

These problems can be medical (including sexual health), emotional (for example feelings of depression or homesickness), and anything of a confidential nature. They have been trained for this position and have contacts with experts in every field that may be required.

Every new student is paired with a senior Collegian, generally one who is completing the same degree.

Senior buddies are there to provide both social and academic support for the duration of the year. They also take the new student through Orientation Week (O Week) – often the start of a long friendship!


The College provides three Common Rooms for social activities.

Two small common rooms are equipped with big-screen TVs and facilities for playing DVDs.

The large Common Room has two pool tables and a table tennis tables.

Newspapers, both local and national, are purchased daily. There is also an extensive range of board games available for hire.

St Ann’s tennis court also doubles as a volleyball court.

The Gym features a fully-equipped weights room.

Sporting equipment — including cricket bats, tennis racquets, footballs and hockey sticks – is available for students to use. The beautiful Adelaide Parklands are moments away!

A spacious sundeck has views of the Adelaide Hills and offers BBQ facilities.

Students are welcome to use the rose garden and pavilion for study and socialising. Social events are also organised from time to time for students and guests of the College.
The garden is maintained by our own permanent gardener, Vic LeCornu.


The College Club is an incorporated body made up of democratically elected student leaders. It consists of 10 members whose responsibility is to organise numerous social and sporting events, as well as provide various facilities around College.

The events and facilities made available by College Club are possible due to the College Club Fees paid by students at the beginning of each year.

Some of the social functions made possible by College Club Fees include the Open Show, St. Ann’s Ball (a tradition going back to 1947!), Valedictory Dinner and events at O Week.

College Club also provides services such as the video room, condom machines, washing machines, irons and dryers, sporting equipment and board games for student use.

College Club has also made some special purchases including a sewing machine, video camera and digital-still camera that can be used by students.

Serving on College Club is an excellent opportunity for students to experience a leadership position within the community.

St Ann’s College has a lively sporting culture. Our teams compete hard at hockey, tennis, AFL, netball, swimming, athletics, table tennis, volleyball, cricket, basketball and soccer.

There are both male and female teams. All coaches are chosen from students at St Ann’s.

St Ann’s competes with four other colleges in Adelaide for the Douglas Irving Cup trophy. This is awarded to the college with the highest number of points at the end of the year. Annual awards for outstanding sportsmen and women are also given.

Social events happen throughout the two semesters, including weekly pub nights, debating competitions, corridor parties, movie nights and quiz nights.

As well as adding to the social whirl, it’s a chance to socialise and meet new people.

Since we’re here, romantic liaisons have always flourished at St Ann’s (perhaps it’s the Rose Garden…). Several of our alumni have gone on to marry the people they met at St Ann’s!

In common with many other Australian university colleges, St Ann’s has a voluntary work scheme.

By providing supplementary student labour – for example in the kitchen and dining hall during weekends and on public holidays – it is possible to reduce overall costs and, consequently, fees. Voluntary work also fosters a sense of community, responsibility and even passes on a few useful skills!

The number of duty periods required varies according to the number of students in residence. Each student can expect to be allocated a session of about three hours per semester.

Rosters are arranged by the College Club.

Orientation Week is a lively, fun hectic ‘all-in-together’ introduction to St Ann’s.

We encourage our intake of new students to throw themselves into the action and join in as many activities as they can – a chance to break the ice with other new students, buddy up with seniors and meet their RAs in an informal, fun environment.

Activities include a beach picnic, a buddy night, a RA show, Amazing Race and a film night.

Student Orientation Week

Sunday noon – Parents’ Lunch and Farewell
  • 3 pm Meet your buddy – all students required to be in College by this time
  • 5.30 pm Dinner
  • 6.00 pm Principal’s Introduction – compulsory for first-year students
  • 7.00 pm College Club Tour of the College
  • 8.00 pm Meet your RA – compulsory for first-year students
  • 8.30 pm RAs Show
  • 6.00 First Formal Dinner
  • 7.30 Fire Safety Address – compulsory for first-year students
  • 6.00 BBQ in the Rose Garden
  • 6.30 Corridor Dodgeball
  • 8.30 Buddy Night
  • 6.30 Amazing Race
  • 6.30 O Cup
  • 9.00 Pub Night
  • 6.40 Fire Drill
  • 7.00 First Year Exam
  • 9.00 Movie Night
  • 8.45 am – 3.30 pm Beach Picnic
  • 9.00 am Chicken and Champagne
  • 6.15 pm Ordinary General Meeting


S t Ann’s College is located in historic North Adelaide. Ringed by parklands, North Adelaide is part of the city’s original design as laid out by Colonel William Light in 1836.

College is a 10-15 minute walk from the City Centre. We are the closest college to Adelaide University (a 15-minute walk) and University of South Australia (a 25-minute walk).

There is a free bus that travels directly from St Ann’s College into the city and back each day; students can use the inner city’s free tram services to connect to both universities.

Nearly all metropolitan bus services start and finish within the city; the Adelaide Railway Station is 20 minutes’ walk. Both offer regular services to Flinders University. From the city there are multiple buses that will take you to Flinders and it might depend where at the campus study is taking place as to which bus route to take. The most direct route is probably the 719, 721F, 722F which take about 30 minutes from the city.

There is also a Flinders loop bus to grab to get from one end of the campus to the other if you wish. Click here for more information.

Click here to access the Flinders University website, where you can find good information on these transport options;

In exciting news, our new train link is complete and is taking students from the city to Flinders. Click here for more information.