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Easter Long Weekend/Vacation Absence

Please submit your form to the office by 5:00pm FRIDAY 31 MARCH 2023 to enable us to make arrangements for the kitchen to cater adequately.

There will be an administrative charge of $25 if the form is not received by this date to cover office and catering costs.

Students do not need to vacate (or empty) their rooms during term breaks. Your room must be left in a state suitable for cleaners and maintenance to access during the vacation period. You may wish to place valuables in your locked cupboard.

As we will cater for you according to the dates you give us, there will be an administrative charge if you go away when you have told the office you will be staying during the vacation.

YOU MUST SIGN OUT and return your keys on departure. Failure to sign out with a tutor or the office will result in a charge for your period of absence.

Do not complete this if you would like us to keep your mail until you return. WE DO NOT FORWARD PARCELS, ONLY LETTERS.