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Wardens have the collective responsibility of being caretakers of the College during the summer, and looking after the casual visitors who stay during this period.

Wardens are allocated a room with an ensuite free of charge.  A Warden is to be on duty every night from 5 pm during the week plus coverage during the day and evening  on public holidays and weekends.

Wardens are paid $40 for each shift they complete.  A roster will be established by the Head Warden for all shifts and will be placed on the door of the Dean’s office.   It is important that any shift changes are negotiated with the team and noted on the roster.

Day-to-day duties include locking up, checking in and checking out visitors, receiving payments, providing bedding, being available when needed, via the Tutor phone, kept on charge in the key cupboard when not in use.

There is a list of emergency numbers of the Christmas Executive in the key cupboard. There is also a key in an envelope to give access to the kitchen for the firemen in the event of a lightning strike.


Checking in…

Checking-in time is recommended before 10pm.  Most visitors are provided with the Tutor mobile phone details.

Most visitors book and pay in advance, however some just arrive on the doorstep looking for accommodation.


When visitors arrive:

(a)      Ask for their Drivers Licence or Passport for ID purposes and note the number on their booking form.  If from interstate or overseas, write the state/country next to the number.

(b)      A booking form is allocated for each guest who has booked in advance and blank booking forms are in the back of the folder in the key cupboard for those who arrive unannounced.

If the booking form states no agreement received, then a Terms of Booking agreement must be completed at chek-in before keys are handed over.

Payments received are detailed on the booking form showing rate, dates paid for, amount paid, and any amounts outstanding, if any.

(c)       We only accept cash after hours and during the Christmas office closure. If a casual visitor asks, there are ATMs on O’Connell Street. Visitors must be given a receipt with the dates they have paid for listed on the receipt. If you forget to give a receipt you will find it impossible to balance the money when you give it to the office in the morning.

(d)      Next give the visitors the visitor’s key (with blue tag) and show them how the front door key works and show them to their rooms. A list of available rooms will be placed on the door of the Dean’s office in the event that a visitor arrives unespectedly and requires accommodation.

Remind visitors that smoking is not permitted in the building and please advise them to shut bathroom doors when showering as steam can set off the fire alarms.

(e)       There is no parking available on the College grounds.

(f)        No visitor should be put in a Tutor’s room unless pre-arranged with the office.


Checking out…

Checking-out time is generally before 9.30 am but later check-outs can be negotiated.

(a)      Check the booking form and take any outstanding money.  There shouldn’t be any!

(b)      Take the keys, check the visitor has all their belongings and thank them for staying at St Ann’s.


Some notes…

  • Sometimes couples want to share rooms. No share rooms are available unless organised in advance  with the Office at the time of booking.
  • While showing people to their rooms give them a quick “tour” showing them corridor kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.
  • You will have endless requests for change. There is a change machine in the Price laundry.
  • The duty warden’s name, room number and phone number should be professionally displayed at front desk.
  • IMPORTANT Keep the Head Warden and Office staff informed of any incidents, breakages and maintenance or behavioural issues via the Teams app.



  • Payments not made in advance are taken at check-in time.
  • Money is kept in a cash box which is locked in the key cupboard.
  • A float of $50 is kept in the cash box. The balance is handed over to the office daily (except weekends).  Count up the cash in the tin.  It should match with the receipts.  Complete the reconciliation slip and place it an envelope with the cash takings.  On the outside of the envelope label as follow:


  1. Name of person reconciling tin
  2. Date of reconciliationYour receipt book and the cash box must balance. If there are discrepancies please inform the Bookkeeper immediately.



  • Room 200 is used as a store room for extra linen as required.
  • The cleaning staff will have the items put in room 200 for you.
  • A few spare rooms will be made up by the cleaners but if you need an additional room the linen in Room 200 will allow you to quickly make one up.
  • Dirty linen should be put in the tub provided in the Price laundry.



  • Lock-up rounds should be done at 5 and 10 pm.



  • Pick up the mobile phone and ensure it stays charged.
  • Make sure that you have your tutor keys, are familiar with the cash box, receipt books, visitor booking forms.
  • Check that the cleaners have put linen etc. into Room 200.
  • Make sure there is no Alcohol left in the corridor fridges.



  • There is NO student access to the box rooms unless arranged with the Office.



It is a good idea to try to fit in with each other’s schedules.  Consider appropriate cover for busy shifts where large groups are arriving or departing.  A teamwork approach should ensure that the College is kept secure all times, and that you all enjoy your wardenships. There must be at least two Wardens in residence at all times. Make sure you know what backup you have. It’s a job and a big responsibility and looks great on your resume.



 A Warden group will he set up on Teams to facilitate good communication.  Watch this space regularly.  The Team will be used to inform the group on issues such as large group arrivals and departures, maintenance and behavioural issues, procedural questions.



At the commencement of the warden period you are required to sign out as a student and sign in as a warden in the warden register.  This register operates in the same way as the student register throughout the year.  If you are staying out of the College overnight you will need to be signed out by the office staff or the warden on duty and your room keys returned to the key cupboard.  You must not sign yourself in or out.  When you return, the office staff or the warden on duty will sign you back in and issue you with your room key.  Your tutor keys should be kept in your room – do not take them off the premises.




Wardens applications close at 5 pm on Monday 24 October 2022

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